What service for message optimization do you know?

I want to ask for advice. I communicate every day with a lot of people. Communication takes place on work and personal issues. Each man uses his own way of communication. It can be instant messenger, social network, mail.
I get a lot of windows and applications open all the time, it’s very inconvenient. I have to constantly switch from one application to another. I am tired of this.
I found an application for organizing mail. It’s a thunderbird. I was able to receive all mail in one place.
I don’t know what to do with messengers and social networks.
I want to receive all messages from all interlocutors in one place. It can save my time.
Do you know something like that? I will be glad to any advice.

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For managing multiple social media accounts/sites, I really love HootSuite. They have a free plan that manages 3 accounts, or different levels of paid plans. Another excellent one is Buffer - they even have a bunch of guides to help you optimize your social media usage.

I’m not big on instant messaging myself so maybe someone else can recommend something, but I have friends who have used each of the ones in this link (these handle Facebook, WhatsApp, etc): https://medium.com/@taylorwong232/5-best-all-in-one-messengers-you-should-start-using-today-3824eae71501

One way I deal with this is by organizing my windows into “desktops” (or “workspaces” on mac/linux). I keep all my social windows in one, my coding windows in another, and my multimedia in a 3rd. I can then CMD+ALT+RIGHT|LEFT to switch between desktops. Now when I ALT+TAB, it only tabs between apps in that desktop. Mac is even better, because they have ALT+~ which lets you tab between windows of the same app.

That helps a lot for desktop applications.

In my opinion, optimization is something you want to do little by little as there’s a learning curve to using each platform. I’d probably start by consolidating all my social media usage into one app and then work on the desktop app management which is a bit more complicated.


I see services for sharing social networks.
Thanks, I will choose the best.
I have a big problem with messengers. I use 5 different messengers at a time. It’s very uncomfortable. Do you know messenger service?

Isn’t it easier to ask people to use 1 messenger? If they have to contact you they have to do that.
As it’s hard anyway to switch between so many apps…

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It’s not as easy as it sounds. People have their desires and habits. It’s difficult for them to give up. I can have problems if I don’t answer in other messengers. It’s related to my work and is very important.

Well… I never tried any services that are mentioned above and be accurate. I’m afraid of it as I think they may stole your accesses to your messengers. I mean it will be even worse if you’ll lose your contacts.

I didn’t think about it. How do you organize your mails? Do you have one mailbox?

Yes, I use one mail as there’s no need in many of them :slight_smile: It doesn’t matter which one do other people use - all of them can send mails to any hosting.

Yes. Mails can be sent to one mail. I have personal mail and a few workers. I can’t combine everything)
I want to find this opportunity as with the mail. All messages come to one place. I don’t know how to do it.

You can try special services but check the reviews before and google information about it in order not to get into a trap.

I haven’t found such services. I want to know the personal experience of users on this forum. I hope I will find advice.

Then you have to check it on your own and then share your opinion on it.
I’ve also never tried anything like that and interested if it will work or not.

It may take a lot of time. I found the service in Google. It is called meetfranz.com. I read good reviews. I began to think about safety after your words. I can transfer all access to my messengers to this service and lose everything. Have you heard of Franz anything?

I didn’t use anything like that as there’s no need for me. I have all my contacts in one messenger and if I meet new people I ask them to install it or find another ways of communication. That’s it.
You better look for reviews on the web.

Reviews on the Internet can be written by competitors or project participants. I don’t trust these reviews. I prefer to communicate with real people.

Then look for reviews on different related forums. People usually discuss such things in order to let others know if it’s a scam or not.

I searched this information earlier. I wrote this question after studying. I was not sure if such a service could exist.

I would not recommend such an app.
Email and chats should be in different places in order not to lose them at once.
Have you heard of Threema?

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