What series do you enjoy watching?

As the title states, what series do you guys enjoy watching ?

For me it is the blacklist.
It is so well put together and it feels like they did not make it up to me.

Right now my watch list includes (in no particular order)

Agents of Shield
The Walking Dead
Chicago P.D.
NCIS Los Angeles
NCIS New Orleans
Doctor Who

I have yet to figure out how to find time to watch them all and am constantly finding myself behind by several episodes frequently.

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Haha well I figured that one out, for example the blacklist Aires every Friday in the USA.
All other programs I watch when I want.

But the blacklist has a tiny spot in my routine.

Running my kids around, finding time to watch TV regularly is a non-occassion. Add in all the mini-seasons, and I miss more than I catch.

If I can, I’ll try to watch
Face Off

If I catch these, ok, but no harm no foul if I miss them
Heroes: Reborn (losing interest quickly)
The Player (I like it, but it’s been cancelled)
Gotham (having a harder time getting into it this season)

And BBC America has some I like, if I can keep up with their odd schedule
Orphan Black
The Musketeers
The Last Kingdom

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Supergirl right now… while waiting for game of thrones…

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Blackadder, Fawlty Towers…

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The English Premier League - it’s on every year without fail…

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haha I see what you did there.

Agents of Shield and Walking Dead for me.

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i’m with you on the blacklist, after every episode i can’t wait for the next one - very high quality.

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currently watching the Walking Dead and the next series that I desire to watch is Flash.

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Game of Thrones FTW !

I’m waiting for 6th season, Jon Snow is alive :smiley:

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Game of Thrones
Two Broke Girls

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+1 for both of those.

Also Grimm.


Game of Thrones
Big Bang Theory :smile:

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My favorite shows to watch would have to be the following…

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. Breaking Bad
  3. The 100
  4. The Big Bang Theory
  5. Shameless
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Doctor Who
Star Trek
Red Dwarf
Agents of Shield

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The Big Bang Theory

Boris (Italian serie which brings to the stage the behind the scenes of a television set for “Occhi del Cuore” an Italian fictional television drama) - if you know a way… let someone create a translated version for you because it’s really one of the best series I ever seen.

True Detective - I love the first one. Not watching the second… and I tried, but the new actors aren’t so good in my opinion (compared to the old ones).

Luficer (I’m waiting so much for the entire serie - I watched the pilota and I loved it) - do you know it?

Mhh, then something else but I can’t recall now.

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Mr Robot on presto. Hackers for good?