What"s The Best Sites Or Tools For Social Media Research For Finding Trending Topics!

What’s the best tools or sites to find out what’s trending & creating a lot buzz & where theres a
lot of people talking about the topic on the social media sites like Facebook & Twitter.

On Twitter, there is an automatic trending window running on the left, which is modifiable.

Hi there cpacashman;

Social media trending is very important, I suggest you take a look at the following website:


Social media tools for trending are now increasingly popular.

Impressive list, but could you give us a quick overview of how each of these sites help create buzz or learn what’s currently trending?

Can you give us more details on how to use these sites. I mean on how to use these sites to know on what’s trending on social media sites like facebook and twitter?

This is something new for me as a knowledge.

Twitter has its own trending app running on the left side. Does that also count in as a trend engine…?

Take a look at the videos below explaining them:

Tweet Reach

Agyle Social

Tweet Level / Blog Level Review

Traackr Review

Page Lever Review

I have not had the chance to test them out yet, but they all have a free trial, so it’s possible to test them and see them for yourselves. If only I had the hands on experience to give better advice, I hope the list helps in either respects.

Thanks Sega, for sure I will try these tools and see if they can help me with my marketing and SEO campaign.

i use the site “whotalking”, which is pretty good. You can find out hot topics on almost all social media including yahoo answers, forums, digg etc.

I usually stick to Twitter’s trending topics, but I like a more personable feel to what’s currently popular. This is why I tend to leave my main source of to-the-second news and links to be Reddit.

Google Insights, which I believe is now “Google Trends” provides a good, although small, snapshot as well.

And other solutions that are free, except Google Insights?

All mentioned above, but if you need to analyze your activities look at Google webmasters tool

Are there tools which can also monitor the top trending topics on Google and Yahoo? That would be cool.

Google Adwords shows the number of searches during the last period of time, for a keyword you are interested in. Also, you can select statistics sorted by the separate country and language here

Google adwords? I thought that’s only for advertising purposes or whatever. Is it that or the Google keyword tool? I’ll go check more about that. Maybe it covers everything. Thanks, by the way.

Yes, you can check the popularity for the keyword you are interested in, it is in the tools and analysis section

Or you could just use google, for example type pinterest statistics and you will find this:http://www.repinly.com/stats.aspx
You can try this with other social networks.

I think Twitter is very easy to use , you can search the latest topics by going twitter home page and discover the search pages on the web. You can click any trends in the sidebar takes you to the twitter search results for that trend.

whotalking.com have trending topic list worldwide. But twitter already have trending topic on the left side, you can change the location on what particular country you want to check.