What Ruby Topics do you want to read about?

Hello Rubyists! As Managing Editor, I’d love to know what topics you’d like us to cover. We have a fairly large backlog of ideas, but I am hoping that you, the trusty SitePoint Forumer, can come up with some really great topics that we aren’t covering.

You know you have a great topic in your brain. What is it? What is it? What is it?

Hit me!

waits for response :smile:

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I wouldn’t mind reading an article that goes back to basics, and explains how we use Class and Object and Modules, and the differences between them - eg. when each can be used. You can then maybe touch on methods of access control and ways to invoke methods. An explanation of Procs would be good as well :slight_smile:

Are people interested in learning about testing? If they are maybe a tutorial on best practice for writing a test.

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I’m in an all day session on Ruby on Rails tomorrow at SXSW - I think maybe I’ll have a better idea after that.

I’d love to see an article on how to get started with RoR on Vagrant.There seems to be a lot of stuff on the PHP channel, but I couldn’t find much on the Ruby channel (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Of particular interest would be how to use vagrant share.

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Having attended the previously mentioned workshop, I now need an article on “Getting connected to the free WiFi service to get the gems you need downloaded…”. Let’s just say that things didn’t go well today; far too much to take in on one day, delivered too fast, with one 30 minute break in a full day’s workshop, no drinks available in the room, and seemingly no interest in addressing the lack of a connection.

Time to look at Ruby articles on here and to see what Learnable has to offer.

I think introducing the libraries in ruby toolbox(https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/) will be very helpful.
There are many libraries like plugins for ActiveRecord and Ruby on Rails, testing and deploy tools, rails engines and so on. Too many to learn which is better or interesting.
I guess many rubyists want to know basic usage and advanced topics about them.

I’d like to see an article on getting Ruby on Rails installed in windows machines, so they can sit alongside either a wamp/xamp setup or a custom install of Apache and PHP and not have one interfere with or screw up the other

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