What resource could i use to build a membership sit quickly

Please could anyone tell me what resource(s) I could use in building a membership website which has different membership levels depending on the amount paid.

I am a website designer but not very good at programming but would want to learn to build this website as quickly as possible because of the project I have on hand.

Because of my lack of programming I though of learning Joomla but I think I should learn PHP. I have knowledge of how to use Dreamweaver 8 for designing websites

You advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks

how about buddypress?

Is the membership site to be one where the members communicate with each other? Possibly a forum app as with forum apps you can assign users to groups, each group could be a different level of membership.

Unless you really want to learn to program something yourself, google “membership site software” or “membership site scripts” and you’ll find lots of existing options.

Amember and Membergate are the two I’m most familiar with, but they each have tons of features so you need to really know what you want first before you go looking for some software to help you.