What really makes the difference to rank on Google image?

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Dumb question:
the guidelines for optimizing images are pretty simple, so does the rank on Google image depend entirely on the rank of the page the image is on?

My field is jewelry and photography, so I’m trying to see if it’s possible to develop a visual content promotion strategy.

Thanks for your advice

For an image to be properly recognised by Google, it requires some text to explicitly describe what it is. There are a few ways to do that. Use a descriptive filename. IMG_8108.jpg does not say much about the subject. You should also use the alt attribute in the <img> tag and/or the <figcaption> element, accompanying the <img> element within a <figure> element. Use these to describe the image, so Google (and visually impaired visitors) will know what the picture is about, and return it for relevant searches.
In the absence of these properties, Google has to make a best guess, based on surrounding content.

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However, as I was saying, since everyone (or at least millions) already do that, how does Google then sort them out?

That’s a good question, and not one I’d previously considered. Google does publish guidelines for images, which might help:

And they have advice on image sitemaps:

i found that the pics that most easily get high ranking on google images are the ones i put on twitter.

Thanks I wouldn’t have thought of Twitter

Is it due to Twitter’s high DA?

DA is a metric created and used by Moz, so I doubt very much that Google would take that into account (although the same factors which lead Moz to give Tqwitter a high DA score may well also positively influence Google).

Yes I don’t know, I mean PR or whatever.
It would be interesting to know why, I thought social media didn’t help ranking

It won’t make any difference to the images on your site.
I believe that @EriKohl is suggesting that the images posted on Twitter will rank well.


Links from most social media pages are nofollow, so they don’t pass “link juice”, or help improve the PR of the page to which they link. But @EriKohl is not suggesting this; he’s saying that images he posts on Twitter rank best.

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Right sorry for the confusion
Yes I am looking for effective ways to make images rank on Google image, not my site.

I guess my question is: would an SEO professional know what to do to rank high on Google image?
And also, for competitive keywords, is easier to rank high on Google image compared to regular search or is it just as difficult?

Did you read through the Google guidelines I linked to earlier? The first link in particular seems pretty relevant to what you are asking.

Yes the video has some interesting details thanks
I like the fact that there’s a lot of next-paging on Google Image, so it seems more possible to get views even if you’re not on page1.

However he says that just as for web, they don’t give any details on the signals used for ranking images, so it’s up to SEO experts to figure that out, but I’ve never read about strategies for ranking on Google Image like you can read for web.

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