What really makes sites rank?

Hey guys, looking at all of the many tutorials and advice by bloggers and Moz e.t.c on optimizing every aspect of a page/site to increase chances of google first page rankings, what I am seeing does not add up.

I looked up Wholesale Jewelers who rank on page one for many kw’s and one of the top ones has zero meta description for their products and NO blogs so how in the world are they doing this?

This is very disheartening because I am wondering if I am wasting time with page and blog optimizations? Any ideas please?

The content of the actual page is the most important ranking factor. Meta descriptions are important, as they can help determine how your site appears in search results, but they are less important than the content of the page itself.

Having a blog will not help the jewellery pages rank better. It might add weight to the site and help search engines determine that it is reliable and authoritative, which in turn might help the site to rank more highly overall, but unless a page is determined to meet the requirements of the search term, it will not appear in results.

These two videos are fairly old, but enlightening.



According to my work experience many factors are effect the Google’s Ranking such as good quality content, interlinking of the website, quality of backlinks, domain age and keyword present in domain and many more.

You can get the marketing coaching or hire any strategic marketing coach for you, who conduct proper site audit for you and give you the specific reason why your competitor is at higher position.

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Write it well, place it right, size it smart I guess these are the most useful things to do for ranking website :slight_smile:
But if seriously, what really matter in ranking - content quality of website. Also, I will recommend email outreach, as it is a great way to get people to hit your site and it can really get you traffic.
And of course, backlinks )
So, good luck with that! Hope your website will has a high rate in the near future :slight_smile:

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Presumably by that you mean emailing people who have signed up for newsletters or other updates from your site? Sending unsolicited email is Spam, and prohibited by law in some countries.

It should also be pointed out that while traffic is obviously good for business, it will not affect your SERPs, which is at the heart of this discussion.

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It means emailing people and asking them to link back to your website. You need to find websites that are relevant to yours,write a personalized email to the owners/webmasters and make a value offer to them. And also outreach involves reaching out to influential bloggers, websites and communities in order to offer to write for them in return for something – a link back to your website and/or a link to your social profile.

If you are doing optimizations just for the sake of page ranking, yes, you are wasting time.

Optimize your site because it makes your site better, not because it ‘ranks better’.

At a guess, because they’ve managed to actually generate a website that is used and visited and are spending their time actually SELLING THEIR PRODUCTS instead of playing marketing games?

“It means sending spam”.
No. Just no.

What… value are you suggesting? “Hey join my link farm plz”?

I agree with you and this two Quality Backlinks, keyword are the main for me.

Thanks for all the inputs and advice guys and sorry for my late response. I am thinking since the jewelry company I am referring to has no optimization on their pages, only thing i can think of for their high rankings has got to be quality backlinks?

Quality backlinks - i.e. those you earn, not those you place yourself - may help, but you still require quality content. (And if you don’t have quality content, which decent site would choose to link to you?)

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For non-competitve keywords you can get away with just on-site seo optimization, so good keywords in title, good content…etc but as niche becomes more competitive it becomes more about getting quality backlinks

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Niche plays an important role. Just try to white hat seo it takes time but results stays longer.

The first rule to rank your website is to embed your website with accurate and sufficient content. As the content is the King