What questions should I ask at job interview?

I have a job interview for a web design position at a school.
I’m interested in hearing the job interviews you think I should ask.

It’s not related to Web Design in any way, but there was a fantastic post on Reddit today interviewing a guy who is very involved in the hiring process for a bunch of roles, and the advice is definitely helpful for anyone looking to interview.


On top of that, ask as many questions as you can about what they’re looking for, and good luck!

It depends on the job. Is it single project or full time job? Where do you want to go with it? There is no concrete answer to your questions but I generally ask a lot of questions to try to determine if you’ll have any control over the direction of the site, etc and what will be expected of you. Some places don’t have any direction at all allowing you to do a really good job beefing up what they have. Others are so autocratic that you’re doing nothing put editing a really bad site.