What qualities should i have to start php learning?

Recently, i start to wonder whether i should learn programming. one of my friends recommend me the Php. Thus i want to know what qualities should i have before learning php?

My opinion is that you should know some HTML, than just perseverance in learning, and to like what you learn.

Thank you, and i have started to learn the HTML, and i hope that i could stick to the learning and finally can deal with it all by myself.

Your friend is very smart, because he suggested you to learn php.

But for learning php you need to be strong in html knowledge bcoz php is just like an intermediate (or like an engine) which will interact with the server and get you the result both from database or server dynamically, but you should be strong on what you have planned to do.

Because being a php programmer is not so tough job. You have to posses some smart thinking capability.

Try reading some designing blogs… it will surely help you…