What programs do people use to create videos?

What do people use to create videos? I used something called jing to record my screen and audio but it gives me videos that come with their own controls which I don’t want. Maybe I am missing out something really basic -what do people use? Thanks

If you’re looking to make screen capture or screencast videos, CamStudio is usually the freebie I recommend, though it is buggy on Windows 7.

CamStudio is good, I also like Camtasia, which is made by the same people who make Jing.

Camtasia is more polished, but CamStudio is free.

All of the above are good solutions for screen video capture / tutorial videos.

Thanks for the advice. What do I need to make cool intros?

Can you elaborate on that? What would you consider a “cool intro”?

Things exploding, cool logo animations etc!

Various video editing packages and/or composting, animation or motion graphics software.

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I’ve been playing around with Adobe After Effects, to be honest opening files has been a nightmare in it always the wrong kind of file (right type!) - using a mac seems to be a major headache with video formats for some reason!

If you want different controls you can use your own flash video player on your website like JW Player, [URL=“http://videojs.com/”]VideoJS, [URL=“http://flowplayer.org/”]Flowplayer, etc.

As far as making the recording, Camtasia is the best, but if you don’t want to spend the money here are some alternatives:
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