What Point need to Include in Web Content?

Recently Some of my keywords had been affected by google new panda update 4.0.
So i want to overcome from them and need your guidance…

Hi shaunjessy123, welcome to the forums,

“some” doesn’t give much help. What are the keywords in question?

create an indigenous content or original is not the result of a copy, google algoritma will always keep an eye on

I found this helpful, perhaps it can be of some use to you in this situation. At the end of the article, she gives some specific steps you can take to re-gain some of your standing with google after panda. http://www.searchinfluence.com/2014/06/has-panda-4-0-got-you-down/

I hope this helps. Have a great day!

Panda updates target low-quality content. There’s no quick way to overcome this, but if you start today, you’ll be in a much better place a few months from now!

My two go-to places for SEO-focused advice on content are Neil Patel’s various sites (especially his Guide to Content Marketing) and the [URL=“http://moz.com/blog”]Moz blog.

It would be helpful to know which niches you’re working in, and which keywords you suspect have been affected.