What plan this coming x'smas

what plan this coming x’smas

You could start by telling us your plans, and then explain why you’d want to know ours. And then maybe, just maybe, someone might tell you.

my mom has told me never to talk with bots, autosubmitters and - signature spammers…

Never thought about it yet… thanksgiving is what’s in my mind right now:P

You have a very clever mother then :slight_smile:
Btw I’ve never seen a bot slash autosubmitter slash signature spammer with a nice avatar like this.

No plans, no nothing. The year was hell for me in every sense.

Not planned yet.nothing in my mind too. everything is on my mom’s hand we are going to enjoy.


This this coming x’smas I am planning to spend my time with the family at my home.What are you planning.


nothing but stay at home.

Not yet decided so far. I might spend my time with family and friends.