What part of your job do you hate the most?

i hate doing seo sitting whole day in front of computer.

If that IS your job, you’ve got a problem… :wink:

I hate office jobs. It is boring.

Doing work that is not in my job description. But just to help the company I most of the time do the job.

Sitting on a chair all the day… :wink:

The 2 hour commute. Without traffic it is about 25 minutes.

That I have to do it. That is by the way why everyone hates their job. Most anyway. Because they have to do it. Your job could be [doing something wonderful]. But if you had to do it all day every day for 20 years you’d be <snip> moaning just as you do now about filling papers or what not. Once you understand that the grass is not greener on the other side and it is indeed brown dead grass around each corner, it makes you more at piece with your current job. Unless you want more money go for it. But know that it will suck just as your other job did in a few years because you are being made to do it and the decision is not yours to make. This lack of free will is what makes jobs suck. Everyone wants what they can’t have and not what is forced on them.

Not working sucks to. You feel like a loser real quick. The best in my opinion is to be retired, and do what you enjoy (paid or not) at your own pace when or when not you want to. That is a peaceful mind in my opinion and what I’m looking forward to in 15 years.

As far as my job goes I like them (as much as you can like a job) because I am my own boss. That to me is worth any sort of hard work or pain. Mostly out of necessity because I just get fired if I’m an employee.

Hate writing those progress reports, having some ******** boss making me waste time on reporting on my every move.

working without any compliments.!

just sitting in front of your computer for hours.

waits for the boss when he is on call and order me that stand here want to discuss with you.

Really? You do surprise me :lol:

This is not actually a part of my job, but it really annoys me whenever there are people that want to have a job but whenever they had that job. Their next job is to complain and complain.

for the part of my job, i don’t actually hate this but it makes me irritate sometimes.“Listening to wrong coach”.


Yeap, I’ve had one of those jobs. They fired me eventually because I got fed up and mouthed off to the boss one too many times.

There was also some drama about an office party I skipped, but it’s a long story.

hmm… What I hate the most is that I need to keep using my limited Time on this planet to sell, get money through the door and bills paid. I’m just dying to work on my personal projects and ideas, but it’s hard to balance it all. Working hard at Time management to make it happen next year. We shall see!

When a girl comes and sits next to me…!

:eek: Why do you hate that?

mine is creating portfolio and answering customer queries.

During coding when i got error :stuck_out_tongue: and when it is unable to search that error:P

[font=calibri]The worst part about my job is when I’m waiting for someone else’s input … when I know it’s something that will only take them a couple of minutes but they don’t respond for days meaning that I can’t get on with the rest of the task. It’s particularly frustrating because I always try to respond to that kind of request as quickly as I can, but other people don’t show the same courtesy in return.

The second worst part about my job is being asked to do trivial, unhelpful, counterproductive or contrary tasks, or do things that go against corporate policy. Fortunately my new boss is far more flexible and willing to listen than my previous boss, so it isn’t such an issue any more.

The third worst part are the crappy computers that we have to put up with, and the tight (and unhelpful) restrictions that IT have put on them, leading to (over the course of the year) time wasted running into whole days.[/font]