What packages?

I’m installing an Ubuntu Server. I’m planning on using it as a test server for my websites.

I’m confused about what packages I need. I know I’m going to need the LAMP and the Mail Server. I only have questions about three other packages, the Tomcat, OpenSSH, and Samba packages.

For Tomcat, should I installing just as a safety for my website? I don’t have it on my Windows machine where I build the sites, so do I need it on my Linux machine?

For OpenSSH and Samba, if I want to be able to manage my Linux server from my Windows machine, do I need these?

Thanks for your help. This is my first time installing a Linux Server.


I’d say you’ll want OpenSSH if for no other reason than it allows you to work on the server with out being at it. Comes in handy. You can use Samba, but I tend to stick to FTP myself for getting the files to the server.

Tomcat is for Java/JSP hosting.
Samba is for using file/printer sharing with Windows systems.

For a regular lamp stack, you don’t need either.