What other languages are required for Rubyists?

When I am picking out articles for the latest newsletter, I like to grab at least one javascript article to go with the Ruby posts. I feel like, as Rubyists, we’re (almost) all web devs, too. As such, javascript is something we need to know (a “necessary evil” for some of us). But, this could just be me projecting my experience onto the world.

So, am I right? Is javascript a requirement for Rubyists? Are there other languages that are “musts”? SQL? CSS? HTML? What else?

This is a great question.
One of the ‘promises’ of Rails - originally - was that you could simply generate the scaffolding and have a working website. In that case you need to know nothing more than Rails CLI syntax.
But, beyond that if have some practice with Ruby you could customize and enhance this simple application.

I could argue that the only language you may need to know, in addition to Ruby, as a Rails developer is English.
There is a serious problem all across the web with poor grammar and incorrect spelling. I do not intend to criticize anyone for whom English is not their native language. I am privileged in that way. Of course, I am also crippled by not being multilingual.

For any web development there is the set of “usual suspects” (CSS, JS, HTML5, SQL). But the depth of knowledge and experience with any of them really depends upon your experience and your goals.
I agree, though, an understanding of them all is crucial. And very good Googling skills can be a lifesaver!

I think CoffeeScript is pretty neat to know, a bit less evil than JavaScript.

As a Ruby on Rails (Junior) Developer, I think it also depends on what you want to accomplish.
Now concerning job requirements (for most RoR Devs), I usually see other languages such as JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, SQL, and I believe a moderate knowledge of those languages can land you a pretty decent job. (Full-Stack Dev).

If your main focus is on Front-End you definitely want to know JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML.
Rather, if you’re focus is Back-End you want to focus more on Ruby, Rails, SQL, APIs.

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