What new coding language would you like to learn next?

If you could choose any new programming language to learn, what would it be?

I’ve been busy lately (as time allows) with studying android app development. Not so easy, as I haven’t studied java before.

I’d really like to learn assembly language, for no better reason than to satisfy my curiosity.
I bought a book on it a while back and I found it quite amusing that they only get to the “Hello, world!” example by about page 400.

Also, it’s not really a programming language but I’d love to check out Arduino at some point.
You can use Ruby, Lego and Arduino to build a robot (of sorts). How cool is that?

We’ve just ordered a whole lot of Arduino for our daughter for Xmas. Can’t wait to check it out!

Wow…I haven’t thought about assembly language in YEARS…took a class in it in college. One of our assignments was we had to write a graphically intense screen saver that could run on an 8086 with 128K of memory, and could only be stored on a 3.5" diskette!! :eek: Mine was a mashup of Star Trek:TNG and the energizer bunny - the bunny got blasted… :smiley:

I touched it a bit in university but I think it is cool to learn it from a educative perspective.

I think that I would like to be much better at Javascript and find my way around the gazillions of libraries that you can find nowdays but as a new language… I think Ruby or Python

Just as well you have a Learnable membership then!

I mean I’m not exactly deep into coding, I do more basic coding styles like HTML and CSS so I’d like to get deeper into PHP as I only know the basics. Years ago I wanted to learn game development so something along those lines I’d like to get into at some stage just for fun.

Currently I am trying to interface CJAX with CodeIgniter and since my knowledge of JavaScript is limited it is no easy task but does keep me busy.

I “Stumbled” across this site which has very good summations of numerous languages:


So true! :lol:

Now I am a student,If there is any chances I will join.

I really would like to try server side JavaScript with Node.js in a project.

We’ve got this book that will teach you node in a weekend.