What Music Are You Listening To?

Any song from The Smashing Pumpkins, Third Eye Blind or Incubus!

I thought he was dead.
My favorite: Friday left me fumblin’ with the blues…
I like animation and thought the Shrek2 Little Drop of Poison really fit the character.

Me too. (I have the Shrek 1&2 soundtracks on CD - there’s some good music in there.) “Underground” (also Tom Waits) featured in the film “Robots” - again, I thought it a good choice there.

Tom Waits nor The Smashing Pumpkins are on my list of favourites, sorry :slight_smile:

My current earworm involves Kosheen - it could be so much worse… :blush:

Is that Russian?

I quite like listening to music where the lyrics are in a completely foreign language, as they then fade more into the background and enhance the music (as opposed to grabbing your attention).

Yes, it is

Got no privacy, got no liberty
'Cos the twentieth century people
Took it all away from me

I’m a twentieth century man but I don’t wanna die here

Water over the dam

Never get tired of 2pac.

I am listening the song “kbira” hindi movie song.

I thought it was my tinitus I was listening to as background noise, but if I listen carefully to it, it seems to say “Xerox, Xerox, Xerox…” - I think I’ve been on this project too long already…

I’ve been listening to oldies

and it made me think of

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Just replaying last night through my head…

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A slightly different mood for now…

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

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Right now, I’m listening to this amazing site: http://listen.hatnote.com/

It plays quiet background music, while visually tracking updates on Wikipedia. Really clever, but nice background sounds to work to.

Been listening to movie soundtracks a lot when working, especially anything by Hans Zimmer. The Glitch Mob is good too. Mum (the Icelandic band) for relaxing.

Best album of the year so far by a long shot