What Modal Window works on IE and all other browsers


What Modal Window solution works on all Web browsers? Including the darn IE.

And in particular I mean a Modal Window that can include a form which form
can be submitted via POST for processing.

For example look at the Modal Window that we use on our Web site:

click on the blue icon on the lower right corner, when you do a Modal Window pops up. It works on all web browsers but it does not work on IE.

So can you either suggest what to do to correct the problem with our current Modal Window solution to get it to work on IE as well or just suggest a whole new Modal window solution that you know will work on IE. And please no JQuery based solution.

Thank you.

What about using lightbox or something similar? They have the ability to allow stand alone content inside the popup instead of just images.


The solution that we are currently using on our Web site is the LightBox Modal Window solution. And it does not work with IE. Again it works with all other Web browsers but not IE and this shortcoming is what I am asking for suggestions to address.

Colorbox should support ie to ie6



Thanks for your intel. But the problem is that this uses JQuery. And as noted we cannot, do not, want to use JQuery.