What mockup software do you recommend?

Today I discovered mockup software, I made a mockup of a complex window in a new web application that I am about to finish the software specification document for. The output was great for illustrating the software specification!

So to my question, does anyone have experience with such software, and what software do you recommend for the purpose?

I’m curious to know what software this was…

Most people use GIMP, Photoshop, or just draw it out by hand.


Try www.balsamiq.com It will save you so much time. Its so easy to use I can often teach clients to use it to flesh out their own concepts. It will save so much time.

I second Balsamiq. We use it a lot around here and it works great for mockups.

I have come across quite a lot…can’t remember all the names. I believe there is one that you can install to Chrome itself…mockingbird or something like that?

I am also curious to find out what software you found…

Before starting this thread I have used http://www.balsamiq.com/. My boss loved that piece of software for making mockups for the software specifications, and I did too.

I have tried MockingBird plugin for Chrome as well. That seemed a bit simpler, but is free.

Seems like we go for some licenses for Balsamiq.

New suggestions are still welcome! :slight_smile:

Screenshot from Balsamiq in this blog: http://softwareprototyping.net/interview-peldi-balsamiq/