What Makes You Bookmark a Website?

What matters to me is the content of the site. The design comes next.

I only bookmark sites that contain lots of pornography. I find this saves me time. I am an avid pornographer and spend much of my day (and most nights) entertaining myself with depraved images.

Therefore, I only bookmark porn sites.

Is there anyone else just like me?

Please reply because I am trying to win the golden post for the coming week.

good content usefull information which would help me in future. or good webdesign so i could have an idea.

The information or content of the site. How informative it is. And also, I love to see pictures of it too.

"We all have things that attract us to certain websites on the Internet. What are the things that attract you

If it is a content site, and covers topics/content I like, I’ll bookmark it if it updates often. More quality updates means I have to check in more often.


actually some creative layouts, contents, specific subjects makes me to bookmark

I simply bookmark sites for future reference—if I find something I believe will be useful in the future, it goes into Delicious. I use the Sharaholic extension for Chrome to put them into Delicious and then Delibar on Mac to search existing bookmarks.

“Useful” means for future web development projects, design projects, inspiration, pure reference, links to go into client newsletters or blog posts etc.

I bookmark websites when i find something interesting and dont have time to finish reading it or if i want to show it to someone later.

I usually bookmark lists…Lists of things i might need to know

I think Attarctive Design, Content and Functionality is the key…

I generally bookmark a site when it’s a list of great resources or an intensive tutorial on something that I find useful. Also usually free download resources and guides.

If the web page is having the valuable information and is useful for me I always prefer to book mark the page.

Bookmarking is not working for me for some strange reasons. I bookmark a website, and that is the last time I ever visit it. The fact that I have it in the bag makes me forget it completely. In my bookmark, you will find sites that I bookmarked years ago and never visited ever since. If I go back to those sites, they are probably gone or the content deprecated(I am talking about the much dreaded page not found thing).

One site I always visit(I have never bookmarked this stangely) is onelook.com. And of course sitepoint. What developer can ever live without it. lol

To answer the question finally, I do bookmark a website for its good design. Mainly. If it woows me, I will bookmark for sure. I am a sucker for a greatly designed website just to admire it.

Well, I do bookmark a site if I find it very interesting or can be helpful to my future needs. Basically, I bookmarked not based on its color or design but more of the content.

Sites that have loads of information that is too much to read through quickly and sites that are updated regularily. Also sites that I’ve found though odd ways rather than the search engines so I might not find again easily.


I also don’t bookmark as often as I need to. I sometimes forget to bookmark important or interesting sites :(.

What I do is use the Firefox plugin Read It Later so I can comeback to the page. If if remember then I’ll bookmark the page.

Hmmmm…that’s very interesting, rageh. Generally, when I bookmark a website, I refer back to it several times. If bookmarking isn’t working for you, perhaps that means you’re bookmarking too many websites that you aren’t legitimately interested in.

David Jackson

This is very simple to answer, and I think most people bookmark websites for the same reason - functionality. A website has to have something that user needs. When user thinks a website may be useful in future he bookmarks it.

I bookmark websites because the site has interesting content or when I’m in a rush and I wanted to read something, I can go back to it later.