What Makes You Bookmark a Website?

We all have things that attract us to certain websites on the Internet. What are the things that attract you? Is it the design, content, functionality, color, subject matter, name of the website?

What makes you bookmark a website?

David Jackson

If I see some interesting information and do not have time to read it, the site is uniquely bookmarks )

I used to bookmark a site when i found the content very interesting, as the first sentence can hook you up to read the rest of the story and it brings a very valuable to keep and use it in the future

I normally bookmark a website if it’s tutorials, if I knew I can use the article in the future and other interesting tools in SEO.

I bookmark websites only if they have very good content which can help me in the future like health website, seo blog, ect…

I bookmark the sites I found interesting, good design, well managed sites from user prospective (cycology wise) to revisit them again. I also bookmark the seo tools which I found useful and will use them when needed.

I usually bookmark if it’s something with useful content or if I’m in a rush and I stumble upon something interesting which I cannot look at with full attention.

I bookmark sites that:
>are designed well, and beautifully.
>teach me things.
>correspond to books I am using, such as sites that offer collateral downloads for my books.
>have difficult to remember URL’s.

i bookmark a site strictly based on the content of it. design and domain might get me there once, but content wil make me come back. :slight_smile:

[FONT=“Georgia”]Several reasons.

I bookmark portfolios of good work or good websites to gawk at later or share with friends.

I bookmark cool coding or other tutorials or techniques so I’ll have them for reference.

I bookmark interesting things I wander across to read later when I have time.

I bookmark Sitepoint threads (or subscribe to them) to catch up on when others reply.

Overall, you can say because of its content really. Weather it’s written or visual content.


I’m a little late to the party, (or don’t remember that I’ve already responded) but the only reason I bookmark a page is because it has some content (article information, images/graphics, markup/css/javascript) that I think I may want to read/view/peruse later. :slight_smile:

I bookmark sites that have content that I need to reference to at a later date. I rarely bookmark a sites main page.

I use stumbleupon for my bookmarks.

I generally bookmark a website if I find it interesting and If I think that it will be useful for any future reference !



I always like to bookmark the website which are full of unique information and great content.

hi! new here. I bookmark sites when it has the things I needed and I want to learn from. its content and functionality as well gives a high score!


I love bookmarks. For the information junkie they are fantastic. But then, I used to hoard photocopies of tech papers 20+ years ago - it’s the same thing, you can’t bear to let a bit of information go in case you might need it sometime.

I got into Delicio.us in Jan '07 because I thought it would help me to get more organised with my bookmarks. I now have 1789 bookmarks on Delicio.us :wink:

I only bookmark individual posts that I plan to read or reference later since I’d never be able to remember the whole url string. I don’t bookmark sites themselves because I already know the domain name, even for sub sections of the sites. Like for these forums: “sitepoint.com/forums” is all you need to know!

hmm, i pretty much only bookmark sites that are on topics i’m into that update at least once a month, i actually check sitepoint once a day, so for me it is mostly blogs or sites that add content all the time like a blog. i also bookmark pages that don’t change for reference, often they are stuff i need to refer too often like html color charts or a specific tutorial, and sometimes it is content i feel i may need at a future date that is too complex or just not needed at the moment. i print the the best of the best though after i sort through them.

i use bookmarks like a tv viewer uses tivo, anything useful gets bookamrked for later, i keep or print the good stuff and delete the rest, so i don’t use google unless it’s something i haven’t already bookmarked.

there are lots of thing which force me to bookmark the site… I use google for bookmarking because with that bookmark I can open my bookmarked website any where in the world or else you have to carry you lappy with you…