What makes a website Ajax Enabled?

I use Visual Web Developer 2008 Express. I am following a tutorial which uses VWD2005 and says to create an Ajax enabled website. There is no specifically named “Ajax enabled template” in VWD 2008 Express

I think I have created one by creating a new ASP.NET website and adding a ScriptManager and an UpdatePanel to the page and placing the content of the page inside the UpdatePanel ContentTemplate.

I am trying to rule out reasons why my aplication wont work - step by step, piece by piece, from the beginning of the tutorial. I would be very grateful if anyone could reassure me.

Thanks much

That is probably an older tutorial from back in the day when AJAX support was an add-on. For .NET 3.5, which is targeted by VS2008, AJAX is added by default so there isn’t an option, it just is.