What language to use?

What behavioral language should I learn to make this happen? I want to make a program where people can come to my website and draw, and then post their picture. It dosn’t have to be complex drawings just simple box, square, dots, and lines, and the option of changing the color of the lines. After drawing, the client can post on the website their drawing and other people are able to commit on that drawing. I was told by some people that JavaScript is my best option for doing this. I need more opinion on this.

Do you mean for the drawing part only? Or for the uploading part as well?

both. Im guess javascript for the drawing and PHP for the uploading?

For some reason I was looking in to something like this a few months ago. Not realy for something similar as what you are looking for but any way I found some links at the time. Here are two of them.:

jQuery Drawing


Wow thanks for the link. This is almost exactly what I’m looking for. btw what did you search for to get this?