What language or framework being used on this website?

Can anyone tell me how a site like this is built? http://www.framcatalog.com/Application.aspx?b=F

We are looking to re-design this website and I don’t know how to explain this to the developers.

Hi wilsonusman. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

From the look of the URL, this is based on ASP.NET (a Microsoft programming language). It’s not a WordPress site. What are you trying to explain to the developers? They will probably want to rebuild the site using the software/languages they are familiar with. The site layout is done with tables, which is an outdated method for layout.

Do you have a specific WordPress question? If not, we can move this thread to a different forum, as this forum is for WordPress questions for the upcoming live WordPress discussion.

Just a small correction: ASP.NET is a Microsoft platform/framework, not a programming language. It’s likely that the language used is C#, but it could well be VB.NET or others that are supported by ASP.NET.