What kinds of back links are considered the most powerful?

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The above four among what cbp has told are very powerful in Search Engines.

do follows and backlinks to authority sites.

Competitor Analysis is the way from where you will get most Powerful Backlinks…Competitor analysis is the best way to start first thing for anysite in SEO

@cbp has covered approximately all the points, just make sure about the relevancy and if that page also have a good PR then it would be the best link for you.

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  • be listed on .edu and .gov, they’re very valuable
  • targeted links from target markets (relevant from the topic of yours)

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Back link come from high pr and your business related site is powerful to your site

Educational, Government, Organizational sites

In my point of view there are many of the condition that are needed for powerful back links some of them are:-

[]Website with good pr
]Niche Website
[]Do follow website
]Website Page should be indexed
[*]Website should not have a paid attribute

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

Based on the question: What kinds of back links are considered the most powerful? (except for: do follow, relevant theme, domain age and pr)

I believe that to get a backlinks from .edu & .gov links are very powerful.

Every link has valu you can do Article Submission, Directory Submission, forum posting, blog comment etc

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Of what I’ve learned so is the higher PR authority pages the most important places to get backlinks from as fas as SEO. But if you have a backlink from an authority page which has relevanse to your landingpage - that is probably the most powerfull backlink you could get!

So you read the original post and then posted a reply, you didn’t read the rest of the thread or you would have noticed that .edu and .gov links have already been discussed. You posted something both inaccurate And redundant because… you didn’t read the thread.

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How much higher the PR and traffic of site which gives you backlink is that much it is advantageous for you as google gives weightage to it but if you get back link from .gov or .Edu sites then it will surely enhance your search engine ranking greatly .so try to get backlinks from these type of sites for better Search engine ranking and PR.Hope it helped

Thats just nonsense. Google DOES NOT give extra weighting to links from .gov or .edu sites (see the matt cutt’s interview and watch the video)

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