What kind of traffic does your blog get?

I use my blog to hlep build traffic for my website too, so both are really intertwined a bit, I get a good portion a day so far.

For my blog traffic comes from both search engine & follow by Social Networking sites. I am getting 100 unique visitors/day . I suggest you to share your blog in Social networking, Forum posting, Blog directory submission, Article posting. Doing, these Off page SEO techniques will improve your traffic to your blog by search engines. Some permanent back links will give you traffic permanently.

Most of the traffic are from google. It used to a lot of visitors but it dropped a lot lately. It is because i think google found my site are mostly automatic news feed site . Hope it will go back up soon


It’s been a few weeks @cmdweb, but thanks for sharing this additional info.

I’m finding time and continually posting content is definitely helping, and I now get 100-200+ unique visitors daily with a few days over 500. Like others here, the steady traffic is coming from search and then some fluctuating traffic from social networking sites or a random link posted in a forum, etc.

If your blog is new or you are new to web analytics, you must realize a time frame of 7-14 days is nothing. You should be comparing your months.

For example I had a website generating a few thousand views a month but some weeks there were only 100 total visits. Some days there would be over 100 uniques per day. You wouldn’t compare those stats week by week because its too small of a frame.

Your goal should be to get more visitors than last month. You can quantify your goal by finding your total traffic from last month and multiplying it by (1.25).

Goal Traffic for Next Month = (last 30 days of traffic) x 1.25

You can determine what your goal is and find out for yourself if you call that good or bad.

Hope this helps people find a personal metric.

Big trouble increasing traffic to my blog, I have been signed up with google search, i have my blog site as my signature in the forums/blogs I post to, but after two and a half years I still only get a handful of hits a day.

Of course Im trying to make it more interesting, but apart from my own writing how the ehck can ya increase traffic.

I quickly looked at your blog and see that your focus is media, sport (singular vs. sports?), and politics. On a general note, these topics are really broad, especially media which it looks like covers TV, music, etc. If you can make the blog and those categories more specific, it would help.

From looking at the home page alone and the November archive, even if you stick with these three categories, it doesn’t look like those three topics or related keywords are consistently highlighted in post headers, or in the archive or search categories. You have posts archived on the right sidebar by month, how about adding an archive or menu by category and tagging each post with all relevant keywords? You could insert consistent keywords into the headers and the body of the posts as well. For example, for media, why don’t you create sub-categories for music, tv, etc. then for a post on music, be sure to include ‘music’ in the header and within the post.

I use Wordpress, but does Blogger have a good SEO package you can download to assist when you create each post? If you keep adding content but don’t have a consistent approach to categories and keywords in the header and body and tags, it will be hard for the search engines to find you.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. Good luck.

Very good advice indeed. Thanks for the help.

My traffic is mainly from Youtube and other video sites. Its great way to drive traffic for your blog.

Now I have added my blog on some add blog site and now my blog get a few traffic from these blog sites too.

Most traffic comes from google that’s why I suggest that when you promote your site, make use of keywords within your niche to attract your target visitors.

very good advice again.

IMO, the traffic for website usually depends on the niche we choose, so as if we are doing a proper market research before choosing our niche, we can predict the traffic that will be generated. I also think on if we choose a very unique niche, we may get very less traffic but that traffic can get utilized if we are the only provider for that specific product. The big amount of traffic is not important but only important is the traffic that is utilized.

I getting approximately 40 views a day, with about 35 unique visitors. Blogs have a limited shelf life the internet has tons of blogs. Keeping traffic up is a constant battle.

Yeah I think there is a difference between SE and Social traffic. Social traffic tends to be more “flighty” eg SU traffic seems to be generally channel-hoppers. Whereas SE traffic is generally looking for something and so a lot easier to convert.

65 visits per day is not bad. I actually started my blogs with 3,000 visits per month as my goal but I wasn’t even close now. However, what I learned though is that, your site’s content should be very convincing so that even if you don’t get a really high number of visits, at least you get the conversion you need. And to me, that is more important than getting a lot of visits but not a single one of those turn into client.

Mostly from Organic google search, rest from reddit.

Most of my visitors are from google and bookmarking sites. Writing excellent content can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

most of the traffic comes from google and some from direct hit and some from referral sites i think blog can bring up a good traffic

I most likely get traffic from google search. :slight_smile: