What kind of traffic does your blog get?

Hi everyone - what kind of traffic does your site get - page views and/or unique visitors? If your site has been up a while, what was traffic like the first few months? and when did you see growth?

I launched an art blog on 9/24 and have been actively building back-links, etc., and the site is averaging 65 page views/day, but don’t have a clue if that’s low or high. Would love to hear what others experience.


now days free blog promotion is very tough. because its takes too much hard work and less ROI. So better to start new site.

okay, but that’s too bad. There’s a post on the forum where a lot of people share how much $ they make, which I imagine varies based on keywords/niche too. I thought sharing historical traffic #s would be interesting for myself and others. If not, that’s okay.

All are coming from Google Search Results. I am not so interested in traffic coming from social networking sites. Working on SEO for my blogs guarantees a decent traffic from Google.

The amount of traffic highly depends on your keywords/niche. So there is no point to share some numbers here, I think.

I have a free blog on SEO and I am getting regular 50-60 unique visitors from Google. :slight_smile:

I just said, that the amount of traffic highly depends on the niche etc.
For example I’ve a blog which is doing 1000uv/day and have an other which only 50 :slight_smile:

i get most of my traffic from google search, followed by traffic from SN sites…

most of traffic comes from the google…

my blog get only search engine traffic… want to increase it

For the early part, my blog mostly gets spam. However, once I was able to establish its presence, I started to get relevant traffic.

Since I posted this thread/question, my pageviews have declined, maybe because friends were checking the site in the first few weeks driving traffic up. The google referrals seem to fluctuate a lot, and sometimes I get one user who looks at 30-40 pages and drives traffic up a lot (I’m not complaining though:)). When I add links to reddit I get a lot of hits, but I don’t think the quality is good because they’re probably not return users and probably stay on the site for a few seconds.

Thanks for everyone who shared so far and hope to hear more about other experiences.


I’ve got a photoshop blog, I haven’t updated it in about 10 months, but it regularly get’s over 1,000 uniques a day. By far the most traffic comes from google, and I think it’s because I’ve had some quite popular posts on there - so good content - which has got a good number of natural back links which has resulted in higher search engine positions for some keywords.

It really depends on the niche you are pursuing…

Maximum traffic for my blog is coming from the keywords search in Google search engine,and yeah about 20,30 % of my blogs traffic is coming through social media site as well.

My blog mainly get’s Google traffic from it’s main keyword. This keyword provides me with good traffic from BING YAHOO and of course the big G Google.

I’ve found that the social bookmarking sites send low quality traffic. Reddit is particularly bad.
In the long term, I get only occasional single visitors from Reddit, Digg, Delicious and even Stumbleupon. Stumble can be really hit and miss. Sometimes I’ll bookmark a page on SU and get a rash of visitors for about an hour or two- although the CTR for my ads is generally zero from this traffic.
My best traffic, also with the best CTR, comes from Google, Wikipedia and one particular site that has picked up my link of its own accord sending hundreds of visitors each month.
In general I get only 50 to 70 visits each day but I put that down to my commitment to only use free promotion techniques and I’ve never paid for links or traffic, not even CPC. It’s only a hobby, so plenty of scope for development to keep me busy.

I keep learning new things, since I posted about the poor quality traffic from Reddit, I learned how to improve the quality somewhat. Since I have an art website, instead of posting the links to the main reddit.com, I now post to the ‘art’ group or ‘graffiti’ and more of the referrals seem to be spending time on the site (plus I’m getting more link karma points), so finding the right niche has helped.

@cmdweb, I’m curious about how you get traffic from Wikipedia? Was your organization or site listed there by someone else or did you submit something that they accepted?


I wrote one article in particular which explained a subject in quite simple terms and pointed out the importance of it (sorry if I’m being vague, but don’t want to have specifics out there on this subject) which has been ref’d to by a few sites in the same niche. In what was a bold, but ultimately fruitful move, I added it as an external ref to the relevant wiki page - taking heart from the ref’s it had received elsewhere. It seems to have been accepted by the ‘defenders of the wiki faith’ as it is a good article and there aren’t that many out there on this subject that approach it in the manner I did.
I get shed loads of traffic from it (in comparison to my other sources). The key is that it does actually add something to the wiki content. I’ve had lots of other links deleted for not being ‘authoritative’ enough. Also, all the scrapers out there just repackaging wiki content mean it gets linked to from all over the web.
It’s not a case of having ‘them’ accept content. The key really is in producing something can be seen as definitive or authoritative. The defenders as I refer to them are really you and I - anyone who wants to caretake a page. Some are more critical than others. Some are downright nazis, but at the end of the day, you need to be adding a link with something to offer. Spam links last literally seconds.

I get traffic from Google and Google Adwords, after I bought the host from goddaddy, got some free coupons for adwords and facebook.