What kind of navigation is this?


I was wondering if anyone know what kind of code this navigation use?

Twofold Creative | Work

the navigation under the word “WORK” (all, print, web etc)

if you have a link to a tutorial that explain how to create something similar please let me know :slight_smile:

Thx in advance

Uses JS. And bad too. JS off there is nothing. You can do this with css. Use sprite. Blurry text default. Clear and positioned down some on current page.

sorry, there is no navigation under the word “work”

so i would call it broken

my bad I meant this navigation:

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sorry about that

no need to apologize

it’s ~still~ broken

if you look at the screenshot i posted, you will see that there is no horizontal scrollbar

that means i cannot scroll over to the right to see those chiclets (or whatever they’re called) and the navigation that may or may not be implemented under them

i swear i am not doing anything wrong, i’m just running IE8 at 800x600

if anybody has erred, it is the web designer who has cocked up this page

Got it in one. EXACTLY the type of fat, bloated, broken inaccessible train wreck I’m always writing rants about. That site is so embarrassingly bad whoever is responsible for it should hang their head in shame… then take some time to go learn HTML and CSS.

*** sake, after visiting all it’s pages I can’t even figure out what the devil that website is even ABOUT or FOR!

Off Topic:

How does your client list compare to theirs?

They have a client list, where’s that? If you mean the “work” page (which I’m guessing wildly on being what you mean) of those that are websites only one of the few I just went to check even remotely resembles the preview pics (gpo hotel), and that’s just as useless a wreck as twofolds site with the invisible color contrasts on text, absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts, and a page load time that nobody in their native country of Australia is actually going to be able to afford to wait for downloading of… since my last time in that neck of the woods broadband was metered to a point and then neutered to being the same speed as a shotgun connect.

I PITY that one client’s ignorance, and applaud how it looks like most of the others I went to check have moved on to more accessible less bandwidth hogging sites.

I mean seriously:
The GPO Hotel - The premier icon in Brisbane

2 GIGABYTES once you figure in the jpegs hidden behind the flash rotator, that flash rotator not actually allowing the browser to cache those images so it’s stuck requesting that bandwidth on every pass. (or at least it is here watching the meter tick off). Absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts, dark gray on gray being effectively illegible, light gray on white being effectively illegible, broken layout on the footer, black on red being effectively illegible, and unless you have a magnifying glass handy nothing to even tell you it’s a hotel on the page other than the TITLE attribute. “hand/pointer” cursor indicating the ability to click links on an element that has no links, form that doesn’t even look like a form, broken header orders making header navigation impossible, paragraphs around non-paragraph elements, for screen/large format display CSS sent to media=“all”, lack of labels in the form while using scripting to do something to that form CSS can actually manage 95% of the grunt work using labels (throwing a third the scripting present on the page in the trash)… and nothing remotely resembling useful content to tell you what the hell the site is for, what it’s about, etc, etc, etc…

… and for a laugh try browsing that on a iPhone or Droid… or even a netbook. 2 gig netbooks is throwing up it’s hands and walking away as it can’t even handle the total combined image sizes – I hate to think what a phone would do.

They read like laundry lists of how not to build websites; and I truly do pity anyone dumb enough to fall for all that flash that lacks anything resembling substance. In fact it’s EXACTLY what I and many other means by “designers flushing the usability of the Internet down the toilet”

It ends up like the old Wendy’s commercial where they hold up the picture of the nice juicy burger, the woman finally gets one, opens it up and says “where’s the beef?” as there’s certainly little if any meat to the sites of those clients who are still using their work.

In fact, it brings up the thing one needs to say to most of these artists – “do the world a favor and stick to print until you understand what the Internet is!” Their images and print work ARE very impressive; The websites they’ve made are useless accessibility train wrecks that are probably seeing >90% bounce and/or costing a fortune to host even on jack traffic.

PERFECT examples of “very pretty pictures that have NOTHING to do with web design”… as evidenced by every time they put black text on a red background, light gray on white, dark gray on black, and declare 12px or smaller fonts on EVERYTHING… and yes, they are VERY pretty pictures… but it’s all flash, no substance, and ZERO accessibility… USELESS websites for large font users, small screen users, people who don’t have the perfect 20/20 vision, people on metered connections, people in area’s where 33.6 dial-up remains a good day… I could go on and on about the people for whom that site is USELESS.

Basically preying upon the ignorance of their clients, or illustrating their own ignorance regarding limitations of the medium they are working in. Again, “photorealism is not a realistic goal when working with crayons.”

It’s true. Some are better business men, some better web designers, and a few are talented at both. I’m a bad salesman so I am only a poor web designer. In other words it’s not my means of income. At least it allows me to do whatever my heart desires with my own sites. Now if I was starving I’m sure I would learn real quick how to be a good salesman.

Oops, should say megabytes not gigabyes up above – doh. Again why I shouldn’t post first thing in the morning.

Though again, if it takes over a minute to load on BROADBAND, and you can’t read ANY of the link text or body text – what the hell good is it?!? It can be prettier than Dita in latex and horn-rim glasses, nobody gives a **** if the page ends up effectively useless conveying no practical information about the business – to the point you can’t even figure out what the devil the business actually IS.

[OT]They’re getting paid for what they’re doing. Are you? Or, to quote someone whose name escapes me at the moment, “If you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?”

It’s all well and good to take potshots at someone else’s work, and if that makes you feel good, or somehow superior, I guess you should go for it. You may even be absolutely correct about every point you make. But at the end of the day, your opinion doesn’t pay the bills, and what they’re doing apparently does.

I would be very hesitant to argue with success.[/OT]

Ah, the fallacy that skill determines income. Typical of your country these days and I think the main reason it is in such decline.

You may even be absolutely correct about every point you make. But at the end of the day, your opinion doesn’t pay the bills, and what they’re doing apparently does.

Of course, the same logic justifies bank robbing, burglary, and selling illegal drugs.

I would be very hesitant to argue with success.

There’s a word that applies to people like that. That word, I believe, is “toady”.


[OT]What I keep seeing in this forum is vociferous, and often downright unpleasant and nasty, criticism of other people’s work, by those who are absolutely convinced of the correctness of their opinions, but don’t seem to have any evidence to support that conviction.

The nasty criticism (posters never call someone else an idiot, for example - they just say that his coding choices are idiotic, which amounts to the same thing) is often followed by genuinely useful, helpful advice, which makes it all the more obvious that the initial hate speech is totally unnecessary. It mystifies me why someone can’t just say, “I think I would do the site this way, which is cleaner and easier to maintain.” What’s the reason for the invective-laden preliminaries? What need does this fulfill (and whose)?[/OT]

Off Topic:

Hey, I’m mystified by the people who post nothing more than “wah, wah, wah, is not, is not” in endless posts while not producing anything that actually helps the OP or demonstrates sufficient knowledge of the topic being discussed to actually even be opening their mouths on the subject in the first bloody place…

God forbid you develop hatred of bad techniques propagated usually out of ignorance or rot, and voice that dislike. You’d think we were trying to make people remember things, and actually help them – instead of the wussy limp wristed “soothing syrup” status quo attitude that doesn’t help anybody accomplish a blasted thing.

But sure, let’s slap the rose coloured glasses on everyone’s head and skip down the garden path to sing kumbaya around the drum circle. that’ll make EVERYTHING better…

Do us a favor, enlist. I think a period of military service would do you some good. Especially now that the whole “stress card” nonsense has been dumped.

End this.