What kind of file can be read by both mac and pc users?

I now it sounds off-topic, but I’m trying to find the best way to sell business leads.
On one site I collect requests from people looking for private teachers.
On another site, a teacher community site, I want to sell the the details of these requests (email, contact name, etc).
I created the site using Joomla, so I thought I could use Virtuemart to sell the details as downloadable products with text files, but now I’m thinking that mac users might have problems reading these files.
How would you go about it?

Text files are pretty universal. So are pdfs, doc, jpgs, xls and most common formats.

altar - had you considered sending the details via email rather than hosting them for people to potentially redistribute (by passing on the URL)? Email is a universal service and you could have it so that once the item in question has been paid for, the said details are sent via email privately to the end user. Granted emails can be passed on, but so can pretty much any file and for what you’re trying to-do, you might be better off just emailing the information being paid for rather than requiring the end user to download some file. Heck, you could even attach a PDF or text file something in the email if you wanted it to be held separately! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I guess I’ll go the text file download way, since I need to be sure the file is sold only once, so I need a cart for that I think