What Keeps You Motivated?

As an article writer, we have sometimes a dilemma we want to avoid as much as possible, it’s hitting the ‘block.’

So, what do you do to do away with writer’s block? What keeps you motivated for you to write quality articles.:slight_smile:

If I see just one person reading my blog on my stats, it motivates me to produce something. When I see my earnings, it keeps me going as well…When I see a blog site that has a lot of comments and a great content, it inspires me to improve my blog site…what else could there be?:slight_smile:

Research has always been my best counter to writer’s block. If I’m stuck, it’s usually because I don’t know my topic well enough.

Finding inspiration is a little different than overcoming writer’s block. For me, writer’s block happens when I know what I want to write about, but don’t know what to say.

If I’m out of ideas (which hardly ever happens), I read more, do more, observe more, question more and think more. Once I have an idea, it’s always the research that prevents writer’s block.

Watching website statistics grow, watching inbound links grow and waiting for phone to buzz to let me know theirs been a comment/email.

if it gives positive results it keeps me moving on writing articles.

Not big incomings so far… I like blogging, this is the best way to keep the motivation

The need to eat. :smiley: — Seriously, take time at the end of every day to plan your next days work. Then you’ll know what you want to get done that day and do it.

When writer’s block strikes, do some more research on your topic. Get some inspiration from what others have to say about it. Then go back and write what you have to say.

If you’ve done all your research and still can’t get started, walk away for awhile and get your mind off it. Get up and stretch for 10-15 minutes. Take a walk… or a nap.

I have realistic goals each day and when I hit them gives me the drive to do more the next day. Planning definately helps.

Positive feedback is always a good pat on the back.

remember: Rome was not built in a day.

The aim to excel keeps me motivated and keep my site fresh with contents. It’s needless to emphasize that search engines love fresh contents…

My passion toward creativity keep me motivated . :slight_smile:

If I get good results in return then I’l stay motivated all the way through

work gives me feeling that I am still alive) because other things that I do are so uncertain… I mean when you doing something and see even small results it sets right mood and gives great motivation

Good feedback! inshape of either comments, email etc, etc…
I think it is the proper feedback and appriciation which incourge you to perfrom better and better…

At lease in my case this is…

Sometimes, you just need a good slap in your face to get motivated.

my family keep me motivated,my passion keep me motivated,my fail make me motivated and another thing that keep me motivated is another story from superblogger saying how easy making $2000 per mo for saying what they thing “best product of today”

and also, if that bring me sales and more earnings that will surely motivate me to write more quality articles.

my motivaton - C.R.E.A.M. !

cush rules everything around me ! :wink:

My motivation is money to be honest. I write for money, if I get good pay I feel motivated.

yea… mine is big juicy CREAM!!! CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME…sleeps well at nite and eats well too.

who says money cannot buy happiness and love?

what motivates me is coming up with a good domain name and then viola $$$$ rolling in.

I’ve personally noticed that motivation and inspiration don’t really coincide… There will be times when I really feel like I want to write but I have nothing in my mind to write about. Inversely, there are times when I can think of several headlines and articles that would work well, but I’m totally not interested in putting forth the effort.

So I keep sticky notes everywhere, and I fill 'em up with potential article titles! When I feel like “Oh yeah, I should work now” I’ve got a list of stuff that needs to be done.