What is your writing process?

Do you have a writing process or do you just start?

Is there some generally accepted process?

Get comfortable,think about what you’re about to write.I just let my fingers flow above the keys.If I don’t like what I’m writing I will abandon the idea or look for a way to improve the way I’m writing about it.
Also to focus,sometimes I prefer distraction free writing.

There are no approved processes for writing. I think everybody starts in their own way. If you have a hard time getting started one easy way to go is to start by listing every thought you have about the topic. Sort of like brainstorming for one. :slight_smile: I wrote an article about getting started here.

If you write about topics that you don’t have any ideas, then the first thing you need to do is to familiarize the topic. You need words to write an article and if you’re not familiar with your topic, research on it, that’s what I do. I write articles for my client with topics that I have no clue about. Doing research first before I work on my own words for the articles helps me a lot to create contents which are at least presentable.

I think writing process could be based on experience or imagination… Both the process need to go deep inside yourself. If you make some sense it comes from silence…Grasp the things around you with silence and try to put them in words.

  1. Do some research on the topic so that I can write it smoothly.
  2. Make an outline of what you want to post about so that you’ll end up with an organized piece of work.
  3. Write everything down.
  4. Recheck everything for any errors, may they be grammatical, statistical, or whatever.
  5. Finalization.

If I am given a topic, I would just scribble whatever flashes on my mind. I will not check for grammar mistakes or something like that. If there is something on the page, we will get the confidence of writing.

Then, I would look for some authentic information in the net about the topic. Take a note of it.

And build the article.

I love this! You brainstorm what you’d like to say about your subject, then you research to find some credible information to back you up, and then you write the article. Excellent! :tup:

I just find something i’m excited about and just start writing about it. It’s important to remember that when reading over what you wrote, if it doesn’t excite you, it probably won’t excite anyone else, so you’ll do some tweaking till you get it just right.

I think the best writing method is just to start. That’s how I got through all my essays in college. I knew that I wouldn’t get it right on the first time, so I would look forward to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th draft and so on. I think too many people, including me, have a tendency to try to get it right on the first time, which is what causes writer’s block in my opinion. I think it’s the same online. You start with something, build upon it, get feedback, get rid of what doesn’t work, and then continue to build upon it until you’re happy with what you have.

Hi folks!

This is my first post, so please be kind:)

When I’m writing, I always like to do my research beforehand and usually put a word doc together outlining the key points I want to cover with headings and bullet points.

Once I’ve tinkered with the order of the things I want to say and I have a basic structure for the content, I’ll sit down and try to word it all nicely under each of the chosen headings.

Also, if I’m writing an article, I always make sure the user can stop reading at any time and still have a good idea of the key message the page is trying to put across. I think there’s a proper name for this kind of writing, but I forget… something to do with an inverted pyramid!

  1. Summarise key content in the first paragraph - perhaps including an incentive to read on
  2. Most important
  3. Less important
  4. Even less important
  5. Least important

Hope this helps a bit!

Most of this is good advice, but your last paragraph should summarize what you’ve said, following the rule "Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you’ve told them.
Additionally if you are writing business content, you need to be sure you put some strong calls to action, especially one at the end.

First and foremost, I have to be in the mood - or else, I will just write crap. I make sure that in order for me to customize my wordpress blog, I hit the required keywords but at the same time, I provide information that my readers will benefit from. The article must be educational and entertaining at the same time. Short and sweet is the key. I do not want to bore my readers. I want them to be engaged and curious then click on the link so that my site can get hits and I can get customers.

I have a posting plan and 20-30 titles ready (when I get an idea, I write it down). So, when I’m in the mood to write (or have to), I just open a draft or the notes and start doing it.

Personally I take a “flow approach”. Sit down, and write every thought that comes to your head about the topic. Eventually you’ll run out of stuff to say on the topic - tada! You have your first draft.
Next, go through and delete anything that’s irrelevant, then go through and re-write any sections that don’t feel right. Now you have your second draft.
Now, rewrite out the -whole- thing whilst only using the second draft as a guide, not a definitive copy. This may seem unnecessary, you’ll think “but I’ve already changed everything I’m going to chage!”, but you haven’t.
When you go through this final time you’ll shift words around, you’ll add new sentences, you’ll replace sections again - because you’re thinking over it all for the third time. After this, do a quick run through for spelling/grammar errors, and bam! Final copy.

For maximum effectiveness take a break between each step so you can view it with fresh eyes each time. This way seems to work the best for me, and everyone I’ve tutored, because unlike brainstorming and headlining you haven’t boxed yourself in from the beginning - you’ve just emptied every single thought out and eliminated the poorly formed or poorly written ones.
Hope that helps!

I generally start with a broad idea and break it into sub points. This makes it easier for me to write content in 1 article for several different ideas and also allows me to manage my h2, h3, and h4 tags better with this type of structure.

For examply, an article on “History” might be broken down into smaller subtopics of “European History”, “African History”, etc…

I sometimes pick a title first. I write an article then without using paragraphs. Then after I have the length and content I want, I divide it up into logical paragraphs. I take multiple approaches to writing, and this is one approach that I use. :slight_smile:

The way you write depends on what your web site’s goal is. Your going to write differently if you web site is just content driven compared to being an affiliate marketing web site. If your writing content about a specific product you want to write it in a way that you are selling, as like a cover letter for your resume. You def. dont want to over sell it though. In whatever you are writing make sure it is accurate. People will start to realize if you are writing something just to sell it to them. Provide both pros and cons, so you can show them both sides of the product. And I wouldn’t write a lot, people especially today don’t want to read a full page or something. Keep it short but with all the information you need to get your point across.

If you make content by yourself or by some practical writer instead of any robot then it is very safe and authentic and it must be non plagiarized. I used to write myself or some times hire some good people to do so. I do not do article spinning.

For me, there is no perfect or good process in writing. As long as you give to your visitors, readers a good and interesting article to read to. But for me, I write and write without the proper steps after I write I review and arrange the article.