What Is Your Least Favorite Windows Version?

First thing I do when I’ve got a new computer is to disable “Windows Media Player Network Sharing” service, as soon as that’s disabled I notice an increase in performance and less unneeded disk activity


Windows 10 OEM pro, till now no issue with this version. Recommended.

I think you’ve misread the question, @jimmygary.

What Is Your Least Favorite Windows Version?

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i using windows 10 ,8.1 and windows 7

Wow, that usage is wonderful. :sunglasses:


And as the topic is: what is your least favourite version of those?

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That would be windows 8. I am using it now and I don’t like it.

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I skipped from 7 to 10, so I don’t have any experience with version 8

What is it with 8 you don’t like?

For example, with version 10 I like the auto-upgrade stuff, not so happy about the broken UX that assumes I have xbox and requires closing to get to the games menu.

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