What Is Your Least Favorite Windows Version?

My least favorite Windows version is Windows ME. Just because it’s a almost the exact copy of windows 98 but with some stuff added, but my main reason why I hate it is because slow, unstable and insecure.

Does anybody still use Windows ME?

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Does anyone really care. :neutral_face:



I can tell you what my most favourite version is, though. ;-)


Window 10…

That’s not really a very interesting reply, @kiley. Perhaps you could explain why it’s your least-favourite version? What do you particularly dislike about it?

It’s usually the version I’m using at that particular moment, which right now happens to be Win7. Later though it will be Win10, and on the off-chance I fire the Netbook up, it would most definitely be Win XP (have I got any others?)


For me personally, I would say Windows 10 because of all the stupid little background services that don’t even need to be on. I think they are only on to track what you are doing. Search Index doesn’t honestly need to be on, but it is. I’m an Insider which means I get exclusive releases and I keep seeing background services which doesn’t need to be turned on. I thought it was just because I have a different version so I downloaded a Home version which is the release for home users and still the same background are on and can’t be turned off. Back in Windows 7, Search Index is only activated when you are Indexing your computer to see the ratings on your spec. And you were able to turn it off right after the service is done. In Windows 10, it just restarts itself once you close it and it wastes CPU usage.

The only thing and reason why I am still using Windows 10 and that I had to abandon Windows 7 is because since the support has stopped, I started to lag a lot. The only one that doesn’t lag is Windows 10. Plus they finally brought in Bash. So I’m happy about that.

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All of them. I am not a fan.

Win7 was probably the best, though.

Window 8.1
this have a Slicker Built-In Browser , SkyDrive Integration,Comprehensive Search, “Right Click” Menu,Return of the Start Button ,Strengthened Security.

And those are the reasons it’s your least favourite version?

I did actually fire up the NetBook over the weekend to check something out for someone under XP - let’s call it “sluggish” shall we…

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I did not like vista much.
My brand new laptop was done after 2 weeks without doing anything crazy.

Nowadays I use a mac.

Windows 7 is the best forever.

Welcome to the forums, @samuelatkinson2018

The question is “What Is Your Least Favorite Windows Version?”

But either way, it’s not very interesting to just name a version. Please take time to explain your choice.

Oh I misunderstood. That was Windows 98

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OK. And why was that your least favourite?

After XP each version becomes a lesser and lesser favourite. So for now my least favourite is Windows 10. :slight_smile:

As if any version could be a favourite of mine. Why?
[rant warning=on]
Starting with Ms-DOS becoming popular in offices, it professionals went to Ms courses to learn "How To"s and avoid pitfalls. They learned to only use Ms products afraid of loosing their upper hand in know how. Back then I didn’t like their lack of open mindness. IMHO there were too many “secret” features already, only to get worse by the version, revealed only to the most devoted fans.

Have you tried God Mode for instance? In your Windows of choice; create a new folder and name it “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” without the quote marks. Open it.

Don’t make me start talking about install application policies or the namings of system files and directories, or the confused user’s My-folders, or the auto execution of everything jeopardy, or the “pirate protection” in system backups. Never mind the disk read/write flag defaults skipping error checking in the days of floppys and before smart harddrives.

I have learned all desktop versions from DOS4 to Win3.11 and NT to Win8.1 mostly by helping others when they were stuck. But with Win10, it’s game over for me. :blush:

I rather start all over with Mandrake on diskettes if they still works.

I didn’t actually post that embarrassing rant crap, did I?

EDIT) I would of course never find the Mandrake floppys, it was a CD and it works. Can’t remember any Linux on floppys, DOS-Windows was from four to a dozen or so and I have some left.

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There no such thing as least favorite but I was disappointed with Win8.1. Now. W10 proved to be the best so far. W7 is better but W10 will be get better and better for sure.

Mine is Windows vista. I had many problems with it before when I was trying to promote my affiliate offers after signing up with an affiliate company (offers not displaying properly)… So I swtiched to the latest version of windows immediately and that got me started earning…:smile: