What is your daily routine?

Do you have a marketing routine?

Things you do on a daily basis to promote your website?

I just make a to-do list and go through it. Simple and easy.


Killing time on Facebook -> Feeling guilty for not doing any work -> doing work in order not to feel guilty for being lazy (years of trial-and-error experimentation determined that just 15 minutes can be enough) -> back to Facebook! :slight_smile:

I have,…check my email,open my facebook to post qoutes messages,posting forum about love and after promote client sites.

I would promote my website in places where my target market usually go to. I try to interact with them as much as possible. I spend almost half of my day posting to forums and interacting with them through social interactive websites.

I am working in marketing every day .Link building, forums posting,Social Book Marking,Blog commenting its very interesting for me i love my work…

I believe in doing at least some marketing every day and here’s a short list:

  • Answer emails from customers
  • Process orders from customers
  • 1-3 forum postings
  • Access socialadr.com and use their automated service (free)
  • If i have time, produce and submit 1 article
  • Make at least 1 blog comment
  1. Check and answer emails
  2. Visit and participate the top 5 sites where I could possibly get clients
  3. Visit and participate other forum sites to look for opportunity threads.
  4. Make follow ups

i have…the usual thing i do: open my email and fb, then linkbuild and read some interesting things, then when i get bored i do other things…

Link Building - breakfast - Link Building - Lunch - Link Building - Dinner - Link Building - Sleep Link Building - Breakfast -------

Everybody has a different method, but they all get things done if they are really motivate.

link building
answer emails
link building
pack and ship orders
link building
write 2 articles
link building
write 2 articles
link building
answer emails
write 1 article
submit articles
link building
social bookmarking

check email
check postings
check what members are doing
check what competition is doing
work on building up network with peers

I dont have any routine.I have tried but it seems no routine work for me.As I am involved in different types of jobs online except marketing.

building articles-- research,test,writing,screen shot .

but traffic is low now, so my marketing is not good yet .

I don’t have a daily routine, but I try to do some things regularly. Link building is a regular thing that I do since most of my traffic is organic. I want to make sure that my sites stay up in the SERP’s or improve in their positioning. Link building is really the only way to accomplish that. :slight_smile:

Get up, check clients emails, check webstats of my websites, looking for a spike in traffic from organic searches, check websites for sale on flippa, go on facebook to switch of for a second, then setup ad campaigns for new projects.