What is your aim?

My aim is to be a writer, so I can write and give tips about my traveling experience. :slight_smile:

Want to become a doctor. :slight_smile:

become a king, have many wife, make pound of baby

Back on our childhood days I think most of us wanted to become a Doctor, right?

Doctor, policeman, fireman… :slight_smile:

Speaking strictly in terms of career and not jobs, back when I was in my early teens I wanted to be a veterinarian. By the time I got to college I realized that would be very difficult (even moreso than being a Doctor as you need to learn both human and animal medicine), so I became a Medical Technologist instead. Not a doctor, but I love microscopes and using chemicals in a laboratory, and helping doctors to help people is satisfying.

My aim now? To enjoy being retired as much as possible.

My aim for now is to work hard so that I have sufficient budget to buy a new house and lot for myself before I enter the married life.

I also want a big car too.

I want to be a successful Software Developer in my coming Life.

Hi guys.My aim is to become a good person 1st.I want to work for needy people.

I am very much confused, i do not what to do. please help me.

First thing to do: get unconfused :wink:

becoming a software developer

To love what i am doing and become happy throughout the year.

Well I haven’t been in school for a while because I started working online :wink:

But my aim is to sell a website to google or win the lottery for millions :smiley:

I dreamed of becoming a teacher. But teaching is not a very lucrative profession in our country. So, I am trying something else.

What are you trying right now?

I recently started my own website and my dream is to earn enough money, it doesn’t have to be a lot but enough to live good, and then to travel the world and live a nomadic lifestyle. I am confident that I will achieve this goal because I know people who do it and that means it is possible

I only wanna be human…:slight_smile:

I am actually trying to do some business online, and freelancing on the side.

To find out what I want to do in life!