What is your aim?

What class do you reading? What is your aim? Doctor, engineer, teacher or social worker?
I wanted to be social worker.

Web developer? At least, that’s why I’m here :slight_smile:


Web developer is a perfect profession. So carry on. No tension.

Now i am in honours 3rd year. I want to be a statistician .

Make money with serve God is better…huhu

Teacher no doubt about it. LOL.

My Aim to provide one of the best catering and decorating service for any types of party in Delhi and ncr.we are

I want to become a Website developer in .net with C#

[FONT=Georgia]To not waste Time.

To do as much as I possibly can, help as many living things as I possibly can, to see as much as I possibly can, and to experience as much as I possibly can, all without being unjust to other creatures.

To achieve something worthwhile and long-lasting and to be remembered as being a great.[/FONT]

not studying but trying to mastering in finding realistic views :slight_smile:

How would you propose to find “realistic views” without education?

Divine inspiration.

Web Developer too; although I wouldn’t mind being a writer too.

Not by going out of discussion but the I simply mean to know the Views From Human Beings Who are Quite Serious about the future :slight_smile:

Successfull web developer and designer is my aim…

to become a software developer

My aim is to enhance knowledge through internet and other informative resources like Wikipedia etc.

Web Developer and Teacher.

its my dream to become seo :slight_smile: