What is wrong with this table design?

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what is wrong with this table design?

wrong answers only

CREATE TABLE customers
, name VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL
, addr VARCHAR(400)
, phone VARCHAR(37)
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You’re right. It looks like Christmas hit really hard and we’re all exhausted.

To be honest, I don’t see anything particularly wrong with the design per ser.
Probably I would call CustomerID and not only ID the firfs field, and I guess that 37 digits for a phone number is a bit too much.

But now you’ll tell me something really obvious that it is right in front of my face and that I didn’t pay attention :rofl:


Not sure about the SQL dialect but I would say INT instead of INTEGER



two answers so far, and both wrong as requested!

You never set the primary key.


Varchar has a max length of 255 therefore 400 is wrong

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You got it. An auto_increment must be a key.

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reread the op. He is asking for wrong answers, not for what is rightfully wrong.

So a wrong answer is that it does not have an order ID

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and wrong, as requested

that’s not wrong, so your answer is wrong, so it’s right!!!

i love it!!

wrong as requested!!

So the right answer is that there’s nothing wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

As my answer is not wrong, your answer is wrong as requested

255 characters will be the maximum lengh in a database like Access.I think the limit for varchar is 8000

that answer is wrong! i love it!!

This depends on the database. That’s why I asked for the dialect. For MYSQL it is 4096 chars, for Postgres it’s 65535 for example

I’m so happy that you’re having fun on our behalf :rofl:

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pls do a little bit of googling (or test it yourself)

an auto_increment has to have an index, but it does not have to be a PK

wrong!! well done!!

“The length can be specified as a value from 0 to 65,535.” – https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/char.html

Please read my post. I said “key" not primary key, what for me is similar to an index. It’s just an other word