What is wrong with FireFox?!

I installed FireFox 3.6.13 on my MacBook a few weeks ago.

When I navigate within a page (e.g. arrow up, arrow down, page up, apge down) or even try typing in a web form - like now - I OFTEN get the “rainbow wheel of death” which spins for a few seconds before the page advances or the text and cursor catch up to where I am at?!

(This is acting like a 386 processor?!) :mad:

I think that Firefox has become a bunch of junk over the last couple of years… :frowning:

I have no other performance issues on my MacBook, so I am think it is just FireFox, but who knows?!

Anyone else having similar issues?


Hmm, it doesn’t happen to me. Do you have addons installed? Sometimes these can slow the browser down, I gather. Try turning them off and see if that changes anything.

I have to agree with the add-ons. I’ve never had this issue with any versions of FF including the one mentioned in the OP.

I have this problem too! Using firefox on Core Duo T6570