What is Voice Search SEO, and how to optimize SERP though Voice Search SEO?

I have read an article today based on voice search SEO, but it does not clear all my doubts, though it is a new milestone in field of SEO, can anyone tell me, how to optimize the SERP for Voice Search SEO? I am really in need and very curious to know, please share anything or everything, but only related to voice search SEO?

Voice search is indeed important for internet marketing, and it is definitely something we need to be aware of. But it’s not clear exactly how it will impact SEO. The popular opinion is that it will encourage longer queries, expressed in a more natural language - as opposed to queries made up of just a few key words or phrase. If that’s right, we might need to optimise our sites accordingly.

Until some definite trend emerges, the best advice is to do what you have always done: Don’t worry about the search engines, but rather focus on creating content that will give the best possible experience to your visitors.