What is Video Submission?

I want to know about the video submission. What is video submission? And how it is important in SEO?

You can submit videos to video sharing sites (eg youtube) and put a backlink in the description, however usually these links are nofollow so are good only for traffic

Video submission is the process of submitting your unique company intro, publishing any products etc., to get a tremendous traffic in easiest way of marketing. Creating viral effect; even many of the companies involves the same technique to improve their online reputation. Viral marketing along with optimization techniques is capable of generating heavy traffic for your site, besides it is a very cost effective way of promoting a website. To knew the video submission sites refer this Video promoting Sites .

Nowadays video submission became one of the most popular and profitable techniques of promoting your business. Just remember that number of viral videos on youtube from different companies including giants

Video submissions is really good for SEO it is the part of viral marketing. You can popular your service or product with the help of videos. It is also important in getting the traffic towards to your site. :slight_smile:

It is just one type of promotion technique about your service or site.Just upload a video about your site or service information and submit it in different video site like youtube.This is called video submission.

Thanks for the info and site list. Any other tips for this?

Video submision is a vital process for promoting the product or services pertaining your site in a video format and giving the title, description or the site insight. There are some useful video submission or sharing sites which always give the good amount of visitors by promoting your services through the video are : youtube, viddler, dailymotion etc.

Video submission is now in trend and one of the best SMO process to promote your site, and drive a huge traffic to your site.File sharing and video sharing is been using by many of the site promoter to promote their site in fewer times.

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Video submission is the great method to drive the traffic to your website ,it is also the interesting for the watching in the comparison to reading long articles,like article submission service the video submission can save your time .


video submission is another seo trend that’s gaining popularity. Its a way of online advertising that gives seo benefits as well as marketing benefits.you can also add your keywords in the video title and tags while you submit it for getting the best results. :slight_smile:

Video submisiion is also a way of getting links from videohosting site .for that you will have to uoload video to site such as youtube and leave your site links in your profile and summery of video

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It is a pointless thread as there seems to be little to no valuable information in here? On the off chance that the original poster actually was interested in finding out the value of video submission I will attempt to answer the question.

Video submission can basically be split into two categories - Posted and Hosted.

Posted video basically covers uploading video content to sites like YouTube, Metacafe etc who will then make your content available on their sites - this can be very effective for getting your video seen and is great for brand awareness and in cases where there is a strong call to action in the video can be good for driving traffic to a site. However any thumbnails that may be served in Googles blended search results will take visitors to the third party site as apposed to your own site.

The second option is to host video on your own site (or use a third party that allows you to embed and submit) and submit the content for indexing to Google - the benefit here is that you have far more control over the content and if done correctly you will end up with a highly engageing video thumnail in Google linking directly to your own website. Video thumbnails have been proven to increase CTRs in SERPs significantly and when this technique is combined with quality SEO the results can be very powerful.

With the onset of Web-enabled TV and other devices more suited to video content I belive that Video will become more and more important to all online publishers, particulary e-commerce sites and I expect to see video being used as an integral part of these new breed of interactive websites.

Video submission is the most effective way of promoting your products and services. nowadays people prefer videos more than other ways of promotion. you can submit to sites such as youtube, google video, yahoo video, metacafe, etc. Crawlers love sites having video.it increases web traffic and your conversion rate.

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