What is URL Canonicalization?

What is URL Canonicalization? Can anyone help to understand better in simple words with example if possible. Does it differ for Yahoo, Bing, Google in terms of implementation.


To me it means pages containing essentially the same content. For example a page with a table that might be able to be sorted by various criteria, so the URLs might be
etc. Same idea with “friendly” URLs.

Google won’t show all of them, so by making the data.php page the main one, that’s the one that will come up in search results instead of something that might be less desirable for you.

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Use the link

for learning about Canonical Url.

You can also set your canonical url in Google using Google Webmasters Tools. Try it !

SEO advice: url canonicalization ::: ‘http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/seo-advice-url-canonicalization/

url canonicalization is difference between http://www.mysite.com and http://mysite.com If you type mysite.com in search bar, if it redirects into www.mysite.com then canonicalization is not to be there. If never redirects to second one(www.mysite.com) then search spiders treat those two sites as different sites having same content,then it will penalize the sites…

Check out this website it will give basic information about URL Canonicalization.

You might have four ways of bringing up the same page


the Canonical Url is which one of those you want the search engines to list.

Its a kind of redirect of URL