What is Up with my Facebook Ads?

I mistakenly had 1 good performing ad the tI was doing some tweaking with to increase performance. Realized too late that I should have had multiple ads to do the tweaking with. Long story short; I ran the performance into the ground by tweaking too narrow and it stopped performing all together. No matter what I do now, or what ad I make, none will receive ANY impressions. I thought if I deleted the ad and started over fresh this prob. would be corrected but I still have zero-impression ads. Any advice for the broken? :rolleyes:

Here’s the exchange I just had with Facebook Ads Team if this gives any insight. Still a puzzle to me & their answer makes no sense:

[INDENT][COLOR=#ff0000]FACEBOOK: Thank you for your question. I see that your daily budget for your campaign, “Crystal Healing Classes” is currently $0.14 - 0.33. Because your ad “Crystal Healing Classes” has a bid of $0.29, the ad’s delivery will be limited by this relatively low budget. If you would like to receive more impressions and clicks, we suggest raising your daily budget, as well as making sure to enter a bid at the high end or above the suggested range in order to improve your ad’s performance.

[/COLOR][/INDENT]ME: [COLOR=#008000]This answer is not making any sense to me. If you look at my account, this is how I have always had it set up and it received impressions just fine in the beginning. I am being cautious with the spending untilI find a formula that works. With zero clicks now, my money has not even been touched yet so that is not a factor here. You said: <<I see that your daily budget for your campaign, “Crystal Healing Classes” is currently $0.14 - 0.33.>> I thought my daily budget is $10.00. I don’t see any option to have a daily budget as you’ve described. Please explain.