What is this? what is this causing it

as you see n the image, you can choose a country and after it a region to make a search…

PROBLEM- when you click on a country, the region field is empty, it is blank,… when you select a different country it somehow unblocks and you can choose a region… this happens and makes no difference what country you would choose for the 1st time, … by moving -clicking once back and forth it unlocks…

Any IDEA ?

test your self if you like…

Hi there SEE,

my Firefox Web Console shows me this error…

ReferenceError: l is not defined - - - - - - - main.min.js:26:10557

This is the actual code found on line #26, column 10557


Personally, I do not concern myself with “jQuery” at all, so,
unfortunately, I am unable to help you further. :mask:


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The minified script has benefits when it comes to size, but disadvantages when it comes to debugging.

Please retest using the non-minified script.

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With the script non-minified, the actual code can
now be found on line #10357, column # 34

                    var e, i, n, s = l(t).rules(),

The Firefox Web Console, of course :winky:, reaffirms the error…

ReferenceError: l is not defined - - - - - - - main.min.js:10357:34


I have attached the non-minified file for your collection,
all 15,007 lines of it. :wonky:

main.min.zip (168.2 KB)

Enjoy. :rolleyes: :eek:



I can’t speak for anyone else, but IMHO even the non-minified script is not developer friendly.

It would take me more time than I have to learn what the variables represent and a better memory than I have to be able to follow the paths.

That is, I have no idea what “e”, “i”, “n”, “s”, “l”, or “t” are.

If anyone would know, my guess is it would be the script author.

Hopefully they provide documentation / support.

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Most authors provide both original and minified js. With a script that large, it may in fact be many smaller js units combined and minimised.

It seems that this is a part of the jQuery validation plugin starting at line 10106.

The error occurs when the validation rules are being requested from an input field, If a form field is being checked that has not been recognised by the validation, then it won’t have any rules object and will end up breaking the code.

Thanks so much for your answers! I feel honored of the embracing of this forum and its members!

Well the Author seems to be very busy, could not find any solution with the other problem with the translation bug. Get always the same answer…change by $value on line… ok… cant do nothing with that… I asked If I can get any help and pay for it if its possible… waiting for the answer…

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