What Is This Php Method Called For Tracking Links On Foreign Domains?

My mind is occupied today with another subject and that is to start a viral traffic.
Therefore, I will reply to you, when I return back to this topic, some other day.
In the meanwhile, try engaging with me on the viral traffic subject so I forget this topic as it is obvious you don’t like it.


Sorry, but I only think realistically. I don’t think on fantasies. Also, things that go “viral” or popular don’t just happen because you “want” it to go “viral” or popular. It happens when people find your alternative is better than the one they have. Example, MySpace was going through really rough times and during those rough times, people resorted to Facebook because it was the “new” thing in town. And because people disliked the path MySpace took.

Hypes, “viral”, popularity, and trends don’t just happen because you “think” and “want” your idea to go “viral” or popular. You have to offer something that other sites don’t offer.

Spacey my man!

I know all this. Hence, trying to build a unique SN (Social Network). Look at it this way. Marketers use facebook, twitter, etc. for marketing purpose. They wish to have their posts go viral but these SNs pretty much use the same tactics to give you any chance of getting your posts go viral. I want to add features that can easily get your posts and links and recommendations etc. to go public. Hence viral.

I’m the type that likes to find flaws in systems, methods, tactics, etc. and turn it around. Improve them. A bit like Mc Guyver, really. Make use of whatever’s available with a new twist. You may test me for this bold claim.
And so, you can count on me improving these Viral Traffic script ideas and methods. Therefore, I will not quit but continue to search for the near perfect Viral Traffic script. “Near Perfect” because it can’t be perfect, unless I give some input. :slight_smile:

Saying all this, if you come across a Viral Share/Like script like this one then do share the links as checking them out would give me more ideas that would be suitable for the website visitors where they will be indirectly influenced to LIKE/SHARE and I won’t need to force them to do it. I really cannot come-up with any ideas myself from point 0. I always like to see what others are doing, try finding their flaws/weaknesses and improve their ideas or techniques and derive my own concepts, techniques and feature(s) that would give my users more chance of going viral. Users like yourselves.

An idea just popped-up in my head. Instead of forcing users to LIKE something (post, image, article, webpage, video, ebook, script, software), I can force them to give an opinion/feedback. They’ll either have to click one of the following buttons:

  • LIKE
  • LOVE
  • HATE

and then they’d be given mssg box to give their opinion (reason why they LIKED/HATED, etc.). That would then be forwarded to the user who’s stuffs got LIKED/UNLIKED.
Isn’t this an improvement on the current FAD ? The vendor gets the feed-back (market research). Remember, I only thought-up this within 15 mins of making my last post. An idea dreamt-up on the spot (so to speak). If I give some more thought to it then I might come-up with a viral traffic concept/tactic that rocks. What do you think ?

PS - This thread, itself, will go viral.


Did I understand you correctly that I can only track the first page of any foreign domain but not any links listed on that first page ? 1 level deep only. Can’t track any levels after that ?
Eg. Google can track only that particular link it lists on it’s SERP. If I clickover to other links in that page (that was found on the SERP) then google can’t track it. Can’t track beyond the first-page ?
I know these searchengines track the first page this way. Meaning the page they link to from their SERPs and I know they do not track the visitors footsteps on other links on that site found in the SERP.
Now, here’s the killer: I’m gonna change all that so a searchengine can track the visitors clicks on all the links of the site found in the SERP. Wish me luck. Already done it, with a little hiccup, about 2wks back.


How much have you got in your bank account now ? I hope it is more than $590 because I intend to win your bet now. So, here’s the deal. Since I made no sum bet, if I lose I will pay you nothing. Odds are against me. An adv php programmer guy betting against a newbie php programmer or php weak student. But if I win then you pay me all the money in your bank account. Deal ? Lol!
How-about replying to my previous post ? :wink:

I think you may be missing a basic understanding of how things are.

An external web page inside of an iframe in one of your pages may look like it’s part of your page, but the external web page in the iframe is put into a type of “sandbox” by the browser for security reasons. That is, you can use a URL to specify what goes into the iframe, but you can not interact with the content the way you are imagining.

You may be able to use cURL to get the pages HTML and replicate it with modifications as one of your own pages, but it will most likely not be so easy to do and if the other site learns of what you’re doing they not be so happy about it and put an end to it.


I understand what you and others, especially SpaceShipTrooper is are saying.
But still, whatever I am imagining to do is quite possible. Maybe not possible with the iFrame or frame anymore since they are not supported on the latest versions of the popular browsers.

Now, saying all this, I have a feeling you lot did not quite understand what I’m trying to do.
Forget about the iFrame for now.
Is it possible for me to track your website visitors atall for that matter ? Not each and every visitor to your site but only those I indirectly or directly send you. Visitors that are either my own website visitors or my own membership site members, etc. ? That is the big question.
You guys would say it is not possible to track their every moves from one of your pages to another. In other words, no matter who I send-over to your website (regardless of how I send them over to your website), I will not be able to track their every moves on your website. The best I can do is provide a link to your site and track the click to that particular link. Track my exiting visitor by providing a tracking link like so:


In other words, if I send my visitor/member/etc. to a third party domain then the best I can do is track his click to the page I sent him over to. In this example, to your “Contact Us” page. But if the visitor finds other links on your “Contact Us” page, regardless of whether the links are from your domain or third party, I would not be able to track them. I won’t be able to track them because those links won’t have my tracker in them. Hence, I’d lose track of them. That is your point. That is SpaceShipTrooper’s point and that is every other programmer’s point in the other forums where I asked this same question.
That was the argument of SpaceShipTrooper and some other programmers both in this forum and elsewhere. Apart from one programmer (in another forum), who understood what I’m trying to do and pin pointed me where on the proxy script (on which line in the code) I should add my tracking links and I’d be able to track my proxy users’ clicks on third party sites. I did as he suggested and tested it. It worked. I tracked my own movements on third party sites and I mentioned this in this thread by not forgetting to mention that my coding isn’t perfect. (Look above for my post where I mention the “hiccup”). Anyway, even though I mentioned I am able to track myself on third party sites, SpaceShipTrooper insisted that, technically I can’t do it (else the whole internet would become unsecure) and betted $590 with me. I was busy with other subjects in php and so told him I will get back to him regarding this topic once the other business is over. I hoped to get back within a wk but it’s nearly 3 wks now and I am back on this topic to finish it off once and for all. That is why, I am waiting for SpaceShipTrooper’s reply. I want to win that $590. Lol!
Don’t get me wrong. I am very fond of SpaceShipTrooper. And Droopsnoot and mLukac89. Those 3 always help me out in my code. Therefore, I would like to repay the favour whenever I can. If SpaceShipTrooper loses his bet then he’d learn something from me. I would count that as a favour returned.
Anyway, Mittineague, you sometimes reply to my threads too. But not too often. Would you like to join in with SpaceShipTrooper and bet another $590 ?
The bet was not whether it can be moral or legal to track visitors on third part sites but whether it was technically possible or not. One side (experienced programmers) are saying it can’t be done and the other side (me and that other programmer) is saying it can be done. Actually, let’s forget about the other programmer. I don’t want to drag him into this. He’s not even aware about this bet. He was just a guy like you. He found my thread. Realized what I was trying to do (track people’s clicks on third party sites) and understood my question (when I asked in the thread where I should add my tracking link) and pin pointed me the line number. Replied one or two times more. That’s all that is to it regarding him. So, that leaves only me.
I’ve had other programmers in other forums telling me the same as SpaceShipTrooper and so all you experienced veterans are on one side and me (the amateur upstart) on the other. Odds are against me. Therefore, if I lose the bet, I pay nothing. But if you guys lose the bet, then you pay what you betted. I reckon that is fair. Lol!

So, are you up for the bet ?
One condition though. If any of you guys lose the bet, then no hard feelings. Ok ? We’ll still be friends. Deal ?

@uniqueideaman: please remember that forums are a place for discussion, not for betting or playing games, taunting people about what they might or might not know.

If you wish to discuss the script which you say works as required, then please provide a link to the relevant post(s) on whichever forum is involved, so that members here can see the code and have an informed discussion.


I may take risks at times, but I am not a gambling man.

It would be possible for you to get click tracking data if the other site cooperated with you.
eg. my site assigns your get var or referer to a session var and tracks which of my links are clicked when. Then I could send that information to you.

I too would be interested to see what you have that works and would have no problem admitting I am wrong about this once proven wrong.



You are starting to become my favourite now. :wink:
Ok, let’s first hear from SpaceShipTrooper first. In the meanwhile, engage in my upcoming threads.
Nah! I don’t need your co-operation to track your visitor’s clicks on your site who I sendover to you. Infact, I have come across a very simple, basic and standard way to track my users’ footsteps through-out your website (and every other website in the world, maybe, who I send them over to) without co-operating with you or any other site I forward my visitors to. :wink:
Like I said before, I did not fully build the script. I am the Unique idea Man. I never really build anything totally myself. I see a thing and add my own ideas to it and improve it. I found a proxy script and I added my tracking code and it is working. Whether the script uses cookies or sessions or whatever, I don’t know as I haven’t bothered to look deep into the script.
I’ll do the same with other proxy scripts. Get hold of them and add my tracking codes. Whether they use cookies or sessions, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t need to know. Best, if I do though.

Now, you are very curious to learn how I’m doing it.
The sooner, we hear from SpaceShipTrooper, the sooner I reveal my code.
I must tell you though, that my code is not perfect. But it is still doing the job.
For example, if my visitor heads over to your website (eg. contact us page) from my site then my script not only logs your contact us page’s url but all links (eg. img links) present on it. That is the problem. I don’t want it logging the img links. Only the url of the site the visitor is in. Because the img links have loaded on your contact us page, they too get logged. I will need help how to solve this problem. Apart from that, the logging is going ahead (eg. in this example, logging the contactus.html). If the visitor finds a link, let us say, homepage.html on your contact us page and if more imgs are present on your homepage then the script would again log both the homepage.html and the links or urls of all the imgs on that page. Logging all these extra urls/links from imgs is the downside. If you can change the code a little so all this is taken care of then you’re into a winner. I reckon you’d become a trillionaire. Soon. :wink:

Mittineage, the trillionnaire! That looks and sounds nice! :slight_smile:

Seems like I’m bragging and talking nonsense but I’m not.

Trust me, I will block you!

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