What is the WP new page's path?

I use WP, I creat a new page in admin-panel-pages-add new, and want to add a ajax pagination into it. In the pagination.js, there should be set a navigation url path, like" index.php". thus it can simular a url like:


my new page url is http://localhost/wordpress/photo
I store pagination.js in e:/www/wordpress/js/pagination.js
I set the url in pagination.js as “photo/index.php” but it show 404 page not found.
What is the WP new page’s path?

“photo/index.php” translates as http://localhost/wordpress/photo/photo/index.php if the js is included in http://localhost/wordpress/photo/

You must use an absolute path, i.e. http://localhost/wordpress/photo/index.php

Thanks, it is a great help.