What is the title of this occupation?

I’m trying to figure out what something is called re: advanced software dev.
Software Architect // _____** // Programmer

** The person who understands what the Architect wants to do and translates the ideas into preliminary flowcharts, OOP concepts, todo lists, etc.

What is the title of this occupation?
SR. Programmer or is there a more accurate title?

[FONT=verdana]We used to call this a senior programmer (or chief programmer). The point is that it is a programming role, even if it doesn’t involve coding and testing.

(Does anyone still use flowcharts?)


OK, Thanks Mikl

(Does anyone still use flowcharts?)
Parallel asynchronous flow charts, only editable if your javascript is enabled. :stuck_out_tongue:

May be your title is Software Architect // Designer & // Programmer OR another one is Software Architect // Analyst & // Programmer

I think,
May be your title of this occupation is software Architect/Analyst, it is best.

I know where I work that is called a Senior Software Engineer. Or as we like to call him Master Chief :smiley: