What is the size of minimized JQuery?

Hi all
We have a MVC system that outputs JS, but not good code and it is very difficult to change so we decided to change to jquery.

The old page was 160k this new page with jquery is 400k!!

If we minimize jquery and get rid of the things we don’t need (we do on the fly form validation) then how much k can we save?


Thanks Stephen, why is the version my dev is using 400k if the file should be 24k!!! When I use the yslow firefox plugin it says there are 16 external style sheets!!

If you use one of the copies of JQuery from a shared site (such as the copy from Google) then many of your visitors will already have a copy of JQuery and will not have to download it to use it on your page.


If they do need to download it because they haven’t visited a site that uses it before then it works out to be about a 24k download (taking all the compression features into account).

Any attempt to remove parts of JQuery will make for a much bigger download.

Thanks Scallio, it appears he is using Redmond which has all the css files. Can he just get rid of those? What is the less intensive way to do this?

OK I’ve got him downloading the min version so he can play around with it. I think he just needs to get rid of the files he isn’t using in the Redmond theme! Thanks for your help Stephen and Scallio really appreciated

jQuery doesn’t have a stylesheet, only jQuery UI has one.
I’m afraid those 16 external stylesheets are your own…