What is the simplest lightest web browser usable today?

I am looking for an extremely simple and lightweight web browser which will allow me to do the following besides web browsing, on a desktop computer.

  • Working with tabs
  • No commercials when creating a new tab
  • Adding a few favorites at least in a bookmark bar
  • Blocks ads or has an extension to block ads.
  • Clear some or all history from any time simple and fast
  • Clear some or all history from any time when I exit the browser
  • Use browser extensions to run a User Script Manager or having a built-in tool for running JavaScript per website

What will you recommend as such a web browser?

Chrome with the “Cards” option on the new tab page turned off.

I don’t know you got somethings or not I don’t know but I just want to say checking out Midori, Falkon (formerly QupZilla), Pale Moon, Otter Browser.

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