What is the search query?

I would like to know the search query for find out the do follow blogs alone. Would you please share your thoughts here.

just type in Google .com dofollow blogs and you will find list of dofollow blogs sites

there is no straight way to find it.
you can also look at blog directories like bloghub etc.

Hi Jeff,

How you go about to find the do-follow blogs?

To find do-follow blogs go to a product of Microsoft, called Blog Engine. Generally, Blog Engine don’t use no follow tag in their comment area. If you find a blog from Blog Engine there is a high chance that you might end up finding more blogs that pass their link juice to you.

Do a search in Google with this exact words in quotes “notify me when new comments are added”. This will bring you up almost all the blog engine blog pages that is listed in Google.

To find specific blogs that is related to your niche then you can add your keyword at the end and do a search like this “notify me when new comments are added” YOUR KEYWORD HERE

A little secret…

You may use any keyword you need. Make a search that will bring up the pages that has your keyword in it. This way you can build links on blogs that are more relevant to your niche which will have more authority from Google point of view.

To find whether the blog uses do-follow attribute in their comment area use the ‘NoDofollow’ plugin from Firefox.

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AFAIK there is no such thing. I seriously doubt if Google will ever have such a thing. Why would they?

I knew it. But i need some thing search query like allintitle, inurl. Need to use advance search query to find out do follow blog, I welcome your replies.

You are welcome, shaeldl:)

@Sandor: thank you very much for sharing about Blog Engine. I never realized Microsoft has such blogging platform until I read your post here. Cheers.

@Sandor Thanks for you information. It is useful. Like Blog Engine, i found a software called “fast blog finder” its free and useful to find out do follow blogs.

You are welcome, Jeff.:wink:

I’m glad if I can help you in some way.

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guess do follow will only be easily visible by using tool like seoquake so you have to check the site itself, however here are the search query I use:

  1. “this site uses keywordluv” + your keyword here
  2. “last blog post…” + your keyword here

hope it helps.

@ Sandor: I tried Microsoft blog engine. But, I didn’t get any exact idea about that. Can you give the link to learn it much more.

I dont think there is any exact query except typing dofollow blogs in search box.