What is the preferred Database system (Mysql or Postgresql) for a large web app like an eCommerce website or a Stock Photo selling website?

Im building a complex web app with Ruby on Rails. Speed and reliability is a must. It need to be fast and also better if it can use a bit less resources. Normally, what is the preferred option for developers in a situation like this? Mysql or Postgresql?

I’m a fan of PostgreSQL, it’s faster than MySQL in a lot of ways and you can setup your data using JSON/JSONP which can give you a bit more speed but change the way data is stored. But, for the scale most of us will see, this is not at all important. You should pick the one you’re most comfortable with and the one you like the most. Both are production ready and used in sites much larger than you or I will probably ever write.

If you need better speed you should look at using a cache layer, like Redis or Memcached.

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I use MySQL because I know it better and I’m dealing with it every day but PostgreSQL has a great reputation. As Mawburn say, it is not really important which database you use because both are great options and ready for millions of data storage, provided that they’re configured properly :slight_smile:


Great thanks!

Thanks for the info!

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